What’s in My Purse


Currently, my purse consists of a western-printed soft clutch I bought at Target a few years ago. I affectionately call it my “pillow case”. J Depending on the occasion, my bag will change from a cross-body, to a bucket tote, to just a small wristlet. I don’t carry a lot with me when I’m running around because I don’t like the weight, but I will show you my go-to finds and favorites to keep me fresh and happy throughout the day!

#1. Band-Aid Friction Block Stick
Ugh, ladies. We all know we LOVE to wear our heels, but what we all know we DON’T love is blisters. Rub this on before you slip on your gam-boosters, and you will be set to look and feel fabulous all night! You can find this at any drugstore or even Target from around $5-$8. (It is important to note though, it doesn’t work after a blister has already formed).

#2. Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes – Night Calming
I can’t tell you how much I prefer a towelette to liquid makeup remover. I have sensitive skin and the night calming formula in these leaves my skin feeling refreshed and ready for bed, and not like I’ve stripped my skin with a stinging astringent. I get mine at Kroger Supermarket for about $6.99 (sometimes they’re on sale with your Kroger card!), but you can find them at any drugstore.

#3. Secret Deodorant in Paris Romantic Rose
Okay, if you saw my last article on TSB about Wanderlust, you know exactly why I bought this deodorant as soon as I found it when I came back. But not only did I buy it because of the name, it smells UNBELIEVABLE. I know it’s a special edition scent, but I hope they somehow keep it forever. Or, I can buy a ton before they discontinue it. It works well if you forgot your perfume for the day, and every time you glisten, it smells heavenly. Buy at any drugstore for about $5!

#4. Pac Sun’s Black Poppy Perfume
So, the sad thing is this perfume I think has been discontinued. I bought it as a buy-one-get-one at Pac Sun, and just needed the “get one” part. I actually LOVE this perfume because it’s unexpectedly sassy, but still floral and sweet. I encourage you to try new perfumes! A perfume will always smell different on you than it does anyone else because of the pheromones our body releases, which is pretty special!

#5. Maybelline Fit Me Foundation in Buff Beige 130
Finding the perfect foundation is so hard! But I’m so glad I found one that fits my skin tone and doesn’t smell too chemical-y. I also get this in Ivory 115 for when I’m not as tan in the winter. The lighter foundation also acts as my concealer, too! You can find this at any drugstore for about $7.

#6. Maybelline Great Lash Washable Mascara in Blackest Black
I know I’m not alone: I’ve tried about 6,000 mascaras and I have found a home in this one! Unlike most ladies, I don’t wear waterproof mascara because I find it is impossible to take off at the end of the day, and you can never get it off completely. You can find this one anywhere for about $4.

#7. CoverGirl Brow Pencil in Midnight Brown 505
I have light brows. Lighter than my natural hair color. I also have tiny eyelashes, so I like to frame my eyes with a fierce brow. It took me a while to find a shade that matched, but I love this one. A lot of times it comes in a double pack with a bonus sharpener! You can find this anywhere for about $3.

#8. L’Oreal Color Riche Lipstick in Ballerina Shoes 135
I love this lipstick because I just have to put the tiniest amount on with some gloss over it (see #9!) and I have the best pop of natural color. I found this at Target along with my go-to red shade (True Red) for about $6.

#9. Mark Glo Baby Glow Lip Gloss in Peek-a-Boo
So, I’m embarrassed to say I got this in a small pack with other lip glosses by Mark when I was probably a young teenager… but, I still have it, and I love what it looks like over my lipstick! It’s not too sticky, and adds a great natural sheen. I think now you can only find it on Amazon, but there are definitely some great non-sticky glosses out there to try!

#10. A Great Pair of Sunnies
I have so many pairs on sunglasses. They’re the perfect accessory for me. I found the above (after a long search for a reddish-pink tinted pair) at Aerie for $11 with a discount, and a BOGO, so I got the metallic gold soft sunglasses case for free!

Beloveds, I hope this helps in more ways than one. I hope you’ve found something new to try, but I also hope you know that none of the products can replace the true beauty you posses without even trying!
Love always,

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