What’s In My Purse {carly}

Purse 2

I currently carry around my Grandma Juanita’s black leather purse. She passed away a few months before my wedding day and she left behind a treasure trove of  belongings. I carry her favorite little black bag in her honor, full of my go-to items I keep on me while I’m running around town. Just about every girl I know has her own personal tiny arsenal that she carries with her wherever she goes. Be it cosmetic, be it practical, we hold within our purses little glimpses into our daily lives.

Within my ( purchased at a road-side market in New Mexico) baby makeup pouch, you’ll find my favorite stand-by products for my everyday routine. I actually don’t carry much makeup with me as I try and keep things really simple day-to-day. Over the years I have found that the less makeup I wear on the regular, the more myself I feel and the more fancy I feel when I actually do get dolled up. Its the little things…

However, here are the products I always carry:

Makeup Bag

1) “They’re Real” Mascara By Benefit.

Alright, its official. I have a small problem with this mascara. I’m addicted. It seriously makes your lashes go “BAM!” in one coat. I love it and always have it on me for a quick touch of “Yes, as it turns out I am a girl”.

2) Burt’s Bees Red Dahlia Tinted Lip Balm & Replenishing Lip Balm with Pomegranate Oil.

You guys. I used to always, I mean ALWAYS exclusively wear lip gloss. Shiny, thick, sticky lipgloss, which I love to this day. However, have you seen the wild mane of hair on my head? Can I tell you how many times one light breeze has turned my glamorous lip gloss into a nasty, hair-stuck-to-my-face-mess? Not fancy. So, I keep it easy with these tinted, simple lip balms that just take my normal lip shade a tiny bit darker when I’m on the go. Plus, they feel real nice.

3) Benefit Fake Up.

I try not to wear face make up day-to-day because a) I have really sensitive skin b) Good face makeup is expensive and most importantly c) I feel like Jesus has called me to feel the same amount of beautiful with or without it. But, every now and then ( lets say, once a month, am I right?) I get somethin’ serious happening on my face and if I’m at dinner somewhere decent, I don’t necessarily want to draw everyone’s attention to my volcanic blemish, so I bring this along. Its a really decent concealer stick and I love the dang thing. ( For my fancy makeup routine, I enjoy using Josie Naran foundation or Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer, Mary Kay mineral powder, and Lorac “TANtalizer” bronzer, incase you’re curious)

4) Fragrance Samples and/or a Rollerball

OK, please don’t judge me. Here’s a fun fact if you don’t already know it. In the event that you don’t have a mini-version ( like a rollerball) of a favorite fragrance handy, there is indeed another way to have a small version of it with you in your purse. If you head to Sephora and ask for a sample of any of the fragrances there, they will give you a small spritzer with enough perfume for about a week to wear. I do this to see if I actually like wearing a fragrance for more than a day; seeing if my hubs likes the way it smells, testing out if it gives me a headache, etc. The plus side is, you have a sample size spritzer thats easy to toss into a makeup bag! My favorite fragrances are Dior, Eau De Parfum AND Eau De Toilette, Clinique Happy Heart, and Harvey Prince “Hello”

5) Cerave AM Facial Moisturizing Lotion ( SPF 30)

I have super sensitive skin, and used to get so discouraged by people telling me constantly to use sunscreen on the regular, because sunscreen equaled breakouts for me. However, being a Los Angeles native, I spend a lot of time in the sun and really (really) should be using something to protect my face and neck during the day. Enter, this product. My dermatologist suggested it with my hyper sensitive skin for my daily moisturizer and frankly, I can’t get enough. I highly recommend this stuff if you’re looking for a gentle, daily moisturizer with a decent SPF on it.

6) CoverGirl Perfect Blend eye Pencil in Basic Black

I’ve tried. I have. I have tried fancy eye liners that cost more than 8 bucks, but I just keep coming back to my old standby. I can’t remember a time in my life where this wasn’t my go-to eye-liner.

7) OFRA Universal Eyebrow Pencil

Ok, I rarely use this, unless I’m feeling extra fancy but, I have it on me just incase. Recently, serious brows are IN around these parts. I have really light hair on my face but naturally dark brown hair, so when I’m dressin’ it up sometimes it looks nice to have my brows a bit more defined.



I decided to expand the theme of this to include some other things I keep with me at all times, because girls need more than makeup, am I right?

Honorable Mentions

Other fun things to always have on hand include:

– Moleskin (Mini) Journal and nice pens ( I suggest “Le Pen” pens).

I don’t know about you, but there’s something special for me about physically writing things down. I just love the feeling of actual pen to actual paper. So, when I’m out and about and inspiration strikes, I like to be ready with a nice pen ( I’m a little obsessed) and a notepad, ready to go.

– The SHE READS TRUTH iPhone app.

If you don’t already know about them, the ladies who run She Reads Truth( http://shereadstruth.com )are committed to encouraging women to get into the Word of God, studying it daily. They have created inspirational ways to do this including beautiful study packs which include uniquely designed scripture typography prints and notebooks, as well as regular handmade artwork created exclusively for them using the scriptures they’re going through ( they’re currently studying the book of Hebrews). They just released an iPhone app which contains aesthetically on point reading plans which are packed with scripture paired with authentic and challenging daily studies. I highly recommend this app to all of my friends as a way to get into God’s Word, it is our spiritual sustenance!


– Cholula Packets ( not pictured)

As a Southern California kid AND a Mexican American, I am pretty serious about hot sauce. Everyone has their go-to be it Tobasco or Tapatio, Red Rooster or Siracha… I am a Cholula girl. Normally, I wouldn’t have it on me because carrying around a bottle is crazy, but I found out that they sell sample packets of this on amazon and… here we are. Look, make fun of me all you want, but when we’re out grabbing breakfast burritos and you need hot sauce, you’ll be glad I carry some with me.

– (Red Dunlop) Guitar Picks

These are the Bobbi pins of the musician world. You find yourself buying large amounts of them thinking “Certainly, I won’t run out of these quickly” only to find yourself scrambling to find one when swore you had 10 in your purse! I constantly stock up on these.

That’s all that’s in my bag ( other than crumpled up receipts and bobbi pins)!

Until we meet again,


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