TSB Stands: Traci


Writing has always been the way I most naturally spill my heart out in a method that others can comprehend. I’ve kept journals since I was tiny…like 4th grade, I think. Clearly, my words have become more eloquent over the years. Growing from “Dear Diary…I think he likes me” to love stories full of real, raw emotions. Creativity is something I believe our Father places in our bones, begging to be released in whatever form chosen – mine just happened to be the art of crafting words onto paper and screens, into others’ minds and hearts. I had been praying for Jesus to open a door for me to extend my passion for writing further into this world, when I stumbled upon The Simply Beloved. I saw a post detailing they were looking for writers and immediately I applied, interviewed, and began writing away.

            TSB is such a unique platform, in that, not only does it unite in the Faith, but also it unites WOMEN in the faith in an authentic, heartfelt, beautiful way. I have never encountered a ministry that so closely matches my heart in my passions for Christ and furthering His Kingdom. The blessing I have been given in TSB to combine my love for writing, my heart for women of all ages, and my passion for making Christ known is more than I could have ever asked. I quickly realized this truth as I began writing, reading other’s posts, and seeing my own words on the TSB website. I remember whenever my first article was published, how empowered and purposeful I felt. I knew this was exactly how Jesus wants all of His daughters to feel.

He wants us to feel freedom to tell our stories – the nitty-gritty dirty places we were and the mountaintops He brought us to. He wants us to know our power is in Him alone, and through that power we are more than conquerors. He wants us to know how we each have a beautiful purpose written by Him.

All of the aspects of the Father’s heart towards His daughters, TSB reflects. It’s a beautiful thing and a beautiful community of women. I am honored to be a part of TSB. Beyond the makeup tips, the workout routines, the stories from all of our lives, is one united heart beating to reflect the name of Jesus. What a privilege that is.

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