TSB Stands: Shelby


To me, The Simply Beloved is a beautiful and powerful force seeking to remind women who they are amidst the lies that the world so badly wants to see us believe. The Lord has infused such a passion in my heart for redemptive stories being brought to life through the truth. The kind of truth that sets people free from the lies that are often so deeply instilled.

 The Simply Beloved stepped into my life at a very painfully, transitional period. It was a beautiful time in which I was forced for the first time to discover what my passions, desires and interests were alongside and all the lies I had believed for so long. All of which I was clueless about. It was scary, unnatural, and beautiful. Somehow I had stumbled upon the Simply Beloved on Instagram, started following the blog and decided that this community was something I craved to have a small part in.

 This Simply beloved has been a constant reminder who the Father says I am. At times we find ourselves drowning in guilt, pain, and lies of this world being tossed by our ever-changing emotions. The mix of emotion in the heart of such an uncertain and changing world requires truth, truth and now a little more truth. Although the branches of our lives are being tossed around we are rooted by who we are in Christ and by the renewal of our mind on these truths.

The Simply Beloved is a beautiful reminder of where my identity lies, which is the Father himself.

 There is something so stinking neat about seeing the unique passions in each women being crafted together to create The Simply Beloved. This has been a place to foster and discover my love for art in a way that reminds women of such beautiful truths. It’s an atmosphere in which others are inspired and encouraged to rest and discover the unique abilities that have been given to them.

The Simply Beloved is a community of women who are passionate about reminding women who they are in and through the savior of the world.

 I am so immeasurably grateful to have a small part in this ministry and for the Lord to continue to remind its followers that he has made each woman so fearfully and wonderfully. I hope that this is place reminds you that you are flawless, redeemed, and righteous daughter our Abba Father whom he calls his very own. May your identity find rest and passions begin to blossom in this place.


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