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On April 26th I will have been with The Simply Beloved for one year. My journey to TSB has been one where I DEFIANTLY cannot claim ANY of the glory. Throughout this year I have been constantly reminded that I am ridiculously prideful and unrelentingly stubborn; and in spite of my short- comings the Lord still used me. Talk about a humbling experience!

The short-ish version of my venture to TSB begins like this… I was scrolling through Instagram when I noticed a couple friends using the hashtag #projectlove. I clicked on the hashtag and began to scroll through the images. I was instantly in love and 100% down for the cause! So… I joined in. I decided that redefining love was the perfect way to get ready for Easter and I encouraged a couple close friends to join as well. When Project Love came to an end I was already longing for another opportunity to join in again with such a loving community. This is when Jesus was like, “Don’t worry Rayna, I got you.”

A day later or so, I see a post stating “We’re Hiring”. Immediately, I thought how cool would that be! It was then I felt that undeniable tug on my heart.

OH SNAPS! I was applying.

I type up an email to express my interest. It was probably the most ridiculous/ unprofessional thing these ten fingers have ever typed! I tried to send it through the website and it comes back (Inner self: “See Jesus, it’s not meant to be.”). At the same time, an Instagram post pops up saying they are having technical difficulties with the website and to email them directly or through Facebook. Not willing to make things easy, I send my message through Facebook hoping it gets lost amongst the many other inquires.

It did not.

Within hours, I have a message from Deb (our founder) saying she’d like to set up a phone interview. In my mind I was like, “This girl is straight crazy!” did she not read what I sent in?See even in my stubbornness the Lord had a plan and in the words of Job,

“I know that You can do anything and no plan of Yours can be thwarted.”

And despite my ever so passive-aggressive thwarting the Lord’s planned prevailed.

Deb and I spoke on the phone for our interview for almost 2 hours! I had found a kindred spirit and immediately felt like this woman and I would be friends for forever. Even feeling this total sign of confirmation… I sabotaged myself one last time. We are wrapping up our phone call and I say, “Listen Deb, I’m sure you have lots of people applying. Don’t even worry if I’m not the right fit. You will always have my number and we can always be friends.” (Yes, this is when palm to the forehead would be the appropriate gesture) Deb ever gracious said she’d let me know by Friday.

A couple days later, I received a text saying, “I’m so sorry, I am unable to call you I have lost my voice. Let’s set up a time to chat Monday. You are hired.” Reading that text, I fell to my knees with joy. See the Lord didn’t give me what I wanted, which was to just be an admirer from afar.

He gave me what I NEEDED which was to be in the trenches with these loving souls.

TSB for me stands for the Lord’s promise to me, the land of milk and honey if you will. That my heart, which openly bleeds for the ones I love, will have a purpose in Him. We love because he first loved us and I LOVE so that this world may see Him. If I have all the gifts of the Holy Spirit and do not have love, I have nothing. The Lord is good and his promises never fail.

Be loved my sweet friends for Christ has prevailed.

To Him be the Glory,

P.S. There is no reason to ever be alone! If you need someone to have your back and walk with you in your uncertainty, you can always email me or direct message me on Instagram! Or give me a call 951-551-6129. I’m serious! Do it!

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