TSB Stands: Micaela


For me, The Simply Beloved is that spiritual mentor every Christian woman needs. Someone to hold your hand and say, I’ve been there, this is what Scripture says about it, and this is what the Lord is capable of doing.

The Simply Beloved is that heart-to-heart conversation that’s posted on the Internet for whoever the Lord may lead to read it. It puts our faith into action by seeking to create a community of women in all walks of life, to give advice and encouragement, and to bring it to you personally through our outreach We the Free.

 To reflect on the community aspect of this ministry, there’s really no greater joy in this world than to have a group of women come together from many different backgrounds to pursue one purpose to glorify God. Despite our failures and lack of faith we sometimes possess, we continue to press towards the goal of Jesus Christ.

This ministry has truly lived out the verse: “There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who do not walk according to the flesh, but according to the Spirit.” Romans 8:1

I’ve never felt judged, unworthy, or not good enough. I’ve felt loved, accepted, and worthy. We know we’ve been accepted and loved by Christ, therefore we love and accept all no matter where they are in life. We love you all so much that we’re willing to talk about real and vulnerable subjects that aren’t easy to talk about. Ultimately, we are unafraid to speak truth so that you may consider it for whatever you’re going through.

By now there’s been countless times the Lord has used The Simply Beloved to speak into my life. Personally, this ministry has stretched me in my faith. I never wrote a single thing before The Simply Beloved, and I rarely used social media. I had a heart for ministry, but never dreamed it would come to me in this way.

Through this, the Lord has humbled me. Not to boast in that, I would strive with God at times refusing to write something He had placed on my heart. As soon as I allowed the Holy Spirit to let the words flow from my fingers, sometimes I would feel a weight lifted off of me. Friends, the Lord burdens our hearts to write these things for you. God’s thoughts and ways are higher than ours. Foremost, everything we do is for Him, and for His glory.

I can honestly say I’ve made some rad friends through The Simply Beloved. Frustrating Google+ calls that always fail us, yet we continue to meet there because it’s the only way we can see each other’s faces! I’ve prayed, laughed, and cried with these women. Sometimes I feel like I’m a part of a fan club the way these women cheer me on at times! No matter how amazing my friends through this community are, my greatest Friend of all sits on the heavenly throne above. He’s the relationship I’m most excited about in my life, and the one I live for. We pray that through this community, you’ll enter and grow in this joyous relationship as well!

With love,


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