TSB Stands: Katie

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As women, our lives are filled with dodging a barrage of ads telling us we aren’t “[fill-in-the-blank] enough” and scrolling through social media feeds that make for never-ending comparisons. In a time when we have more ways to connect then ever, it’s easy to feel an overwhelming sense of loneliness.

This is where The Simply Beloved comes in and fills the gap as a place for women to band together online and in person and say, “you are not alone.”

Some days I just really need to hear that. The Simply Beloved is a community — a space for women to be vulnerable, to ask questions, to encourage one another, to grow together, to inspire creativity, and to know the love of Christ. Through The Simply Beloved, I’ve learned that genuine community can be built even in the online world. I’ve always embraced social media as a way to connect on the surface level, but I never saw it a place for deep relationships and real, true, sacred community. The Simply Beloved has taught me that social media can actually foster companionship instead of comparison and can point others to Christ instead of just ourselves. And that’s the whole point, amen?

As an editor for the TSB website, I am honored to read the sincere, insightful, beautiful, and brave words written by the staff. It brings me great joy to see the hearts of these women flow out into the world through The Simply Beloved platform, never fully knowing the ways that God will use their stories to comfort, challenge, and encourage other women. The Simply Beloved is a space for women to stand together in grace and truth — a space that many of us have been searching to find for a long time. We’d love for you to join us.



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