TSB Stands: Jenna


The Simply Beloved community found me in a dark place on a hot summer day. That day I binge-read every article and immediately asked for a position in this amazing sisterhood. It was then that I was able to share my heart and know that I was making a positive impact on women all around the world. My first post told my story of my rape and my redemption and since then I have been able to share some values I hold close to my heart as well as give some (and get!) some cool fitness tips.

This community has impacted me in ways I never thought was possible. It cured me of my lingering loneliness and gave me something positive to read in the mornings. My heart has become more like Christ’s towards the ones I love and, more importantly, towards those who I am struggling to love. Their motto of “Reinventing the Christian Woman” could not be more fitting. This online blog provides real insight to the most vital issues any young woman can face. I have been met with nothing less than warm hearts and open arms with which, with God’s help, have carried me through some life-changing times.

Each and every woman here brings something unique and amazing every time she touches a keyboard. Whether it’s pictures of hope from Kandis, clean eating and parenting tips from Wendi, or looking fabulous in general like Deb, (and Chan!) these ladies never fail to cheer me up. Although I don’t know each of them personally, it is certainly my goal to change that! I know that no matter where life takes me I will always have at least two dozen prayer buddies and amazing mentors to shine the light of Jesus when my own feels a little dim.

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