TSB Stands: Gabby


When I was a little kid I loved to write. I have kept a diary since I was in 3rd grade, not that my life was any different from any other 9 year-old kid but I loved expressing myself in a way that let me describe my daily worries and experiences.. It was also a way for me to talk to God. As I have grown up I have less time to write but whenever I was feeling sad or lonely or wanted to say something but didn’t have the courage I wrote it on a piece of paper. I even wrote poems but I was never confident enough to share them with anyone. One day I began to notice on my Instagram feed my cousin Karissa’s posted word of encouragement and verses from the bible, that really attracted my attention.

God really works in a mysterious ways because it had not been that long ago that I started going back to church , I was baptized and I was, at this point, very receptive to positive encouragement, leadership and sharing about God with others. That same day I talked to Karissa and told her how encouraged I felt by what she was posting and asked her about The Simply Beloved. I told her about my passion for writing and how tired I was of the shallow superficial world we lived in.

I wanted to be part of a movement

in which the inner beauty of women is encouraged more than anything and how women needed to support and motivate one another sharing testimonies with the emphasis of spreading the word of God. I am so blessed God has guided me towards this blog and it brings me so much joy to see how much it is growing and continues to bring hope and love to many people, not only in the United States, but around the world. The Simply Beloved has helped me stay on track with my life and with God. It has made me feel like even with words you can still impact others. I never expected to receive messages from my friends, and even people I hardly keep in touch with, telling me how much they appreciated the articles and how many felt the same way I did or have gotten closer to God just by following the TSB blog. I never felt good enough to share my testimony or good enough to be used by God, but without me noticing God showed me the way and the next thing you know I am here writing about it!

“Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.”-1 Peter 4:10

The Simply Beloved has taught me that God is not looking for perfection, He uses you and me to share the testimony and love. Sisters don’t ever feel like you have to be perfect to be used by God all he wants is a faithful heart and he will take care of the rest!

With love


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