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I am so passionate about women and helping them to cultivate strength and courage especially in a society that constantly feeds women lies about what the essence of an “ideal woman” should look like. I am deeply thankful for The Simply Beloved community that celebrates true beauty through encouraging and uplifting our sisters in Christ.

This is a community that celebrates our diversity and encourages each woman to live a life of purpose, using her God-given gifts and talents towards His glory.

It’s a community that breeds a culture of love and truly cares for one another, lifting each other up in prayer. It’s a community that truly promotes a “come as you are” mentality and is willing and eager to walk alongside one another, celebrating in victories and the advancement of each other in our spiritual journeys. This community is women empowering women in a society that tells us to do the exact opposite and in a world where culturally, women making a difference is almost unheard of.

The Simply Beloved has had such a profound impact on my life. I stumbled across their Instagram feed right around the time I got married. Because my husband is in the coast guard, we got transferred 13 hours up the coast to a place that was completely foreign to us. This was the first time I have ever had to leave my church community and it was such a difficult season for both of us. Getting connected with the girls from The Simply Beloved reminded me that God exists outside of the comfort zone that I had created in my community back home.

I was connected to a new community and was able to grow where God had me planted.

There is an intense power in hearing the testimonies of others and seeing how God works through their lives affecting the lives of others. I am so inspired by this group of women and I have seen so much growth in my own life through being connected with them. Sharing in this community has lead me to be more intentional in the way that I live my life and point back to the Gospel in all I do.


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