TSB Stands: Carly


​I heard of The Simply Beloved about a year ago through a friend who shares my same passion for seeing women set free and fully alive in Jesus. I happened to start following what the Simply Beloved was up to right as they were calling for new writers to join them. At the time, I had ventured into a season of collecting clues to the gifts and talents I had been given and asking the Lord how He might dream of using them. Writing was something I knew had a place in my life but I wrestled constantly with discipline. My blog was frequently filled with lines like “Sorry I haven’t posted in months!” and “From now on, I’ll post every month!” only to repeat the cycle as soon as it was broken.

​Writing for The Simply Beloved seemed like it might be a beautiful intersection of both my heart for women and my love of writing. So, in hopes of contributing my voice to a collective which shared in my passion and being obedient to actually utilize this part of my gifting, I took a chance and applied to join the writing staff. After a couple of phone calls, I was overjoyed at the invitation to hop on board!

​Throughout my years, I have experienced this all-too-common testimony from women; girls are sometimes hard to befriend. I, too, spent most of my life as a tomboy primarily hanging out with guys because I felt less threatened by them. I struggled to feel like I belonged in groups of girls, and often ended up on the outskirts to avoid rejection. As a Christian, I’ve seen this kind of thing infiltrate communities of female believers and it breaks my heart. Groups of women can feel cliquish, exclusive, and ostracizing.

However, I can honestly say that the group of women at TSB is anything but that.

​Behind the scenes there is a sprawling web of love, a collective heart to humbly seek the Father’s will, and a spirit of unity which is incredibly hospitable. These women have welcomed me, cheered me on, and supported this voice of mine that often feels shaky and scared of its own boldness. There have been times when God convicts me and moves me to say things that push the envelope, and the girls at The Simply Beloved have welcomed that honesty with joy. I’ve witnessed them genuinely encourage one another, invite sometimes hard truth-telling which leads to real fruit, and cover one another diligently in prayer.

​To put it simply, this community, for me, has meant a resounding “me too”. It has meant that this road of pursuing God’s heart for women doesn’t have to be a lonely endeavor, but it can be a collective pursuit of righteousness along a diverse body of sisters who

“together…grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ”. (Ephesians 3:18)

​ I am honored to be a voice in this diverse and beautiful choir and I look forward to the songs of redemption we’ll sing together as time goes continues. This month, we’re focusing on what it means to take a stand for what we believe in; whether its in our own day-to-day decision making, or in the face of a world which would aim to shake our hope. As we invite you to do the same in your life, know that we are a family of women all fighting together to pursue the things our Heavenly Father longs to give us, and I promise this community of girls will aid in strengthening you as you journey on.

Join us.

Take a stand.

You won’t stand alone.


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