The Best Valentine


Oh, Valentine’s Day, the annoying little sibling of Christmas and birthdays and any other holiday that gets hyped up to the extreme. What is it about these single days of the year that get us so overwhelmed? Maybe it’s the candy lining the aisles at the stores or the overload of jewelry commercials on TV or the fact that the best love story is released in theaters just in time for the big day.

We think that just because these things are available to us, we need them. I want you to stop and think about something for a minute. Is any of the stuff we think we need worth more than you? Could a watch or an expensive steak or a new set of tools be better than YOU? Just you.

This year, instead of saving up for an expensive gift, show your significant other how much you adore and cherish him in a different way. Take time to think about why you respect him and what makes you proud to be with him, and share that.

Share with him what he does that makes you smile. Tell him why there’s no one else on this earth that you’d rather be with. Talk, converse, laugh, cry, admit something you’ve wanted to tell him but were too shy to say. Maybe the two of you have been going through a rough patch, and you really just need to say sorry. Go there. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable.

I’ve found that vulnerability is one of the toughest places to go to, but when your heart is in the right place, it often pays off. After enduring an abusive relationship, I told myself that God hadn’t saved any of the “good guys” for me. I didn’t think I was worth it. When my husband came along, it was clear to me that he was sent by the Lord. At first, I tried impressing him with material things, but I quickly realized it wasn’t what he needed. Once I escaped the walls I’d built for myself, I could actually tell him, “I love you. You’re amazing,” and we started getting places.

One of the reasons this was so effective was because I wasn’t just saying it to make him happy. It was a way to express to God how grateful for him I was. By sharing my thoughts and feelings for him, I was really saying, “God, thank you. How could I have ever thought you wouldn’t provide? This man is all I’ve ever dreamed of. I truly appreciate having him in my life.”

With all that being said, let your “good guys” know how much they rock! Don’t stress over the size of the gift, focus on the size of the heart in the giver. Do you love this person? Do you mean it? Ok good. That’s all you need. Trust that the goodness and kindness God has given you is enough to prove your love and affection. Sincere words and a gentle smile is enough to melt any heart and will far surpass any gadget or gizmo you could think of.


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