That Perfect Summer Glow


Hey loves! Well summer is in full swing now, and I wanna share some of my fav products/ makeup tips to get that perfect “summer glow”. Even if you can’t make it to the pool or beach this summer, you can still fake being bronze without going to the tanning bed!

The biggest thing to make sure you do before using fake tanner is EXFOLIATE! Just using a loofa and a good salt scrub does great! Make sure you focus on your elbows, ankles, and heels! They are the places you stay the driest. I like to use my homemade salt scrub and all the ingredients are found around the house!


Just take

  • ½ cup of oil ( I use coconut or olive)
  • 1 cup of fine sea salt ( found in most grocery stores )
  • And then 5-10 drops of essential oil, or just mix it with your body wash!

Next, shave any unwanted hair. Shaving also gets rid of any left-over dry skin that could make your tan uneven.

Finally, we’re at the best part! Getting our fake glow! My favorite product that I have found so far, that to me gives the most natural color, is L’Oreal sublime bronze gel! I get it at Walgreens for about $10 you can find a range of gradual tanning products, but personally, I got the best color for the best price using this product.


One big tip I learned over my trials and errors of using self-tanner, is to find one that has an instant color so you can see exactly where you’ve put it, and you don’t wake up in the morning with huge tiger streaks down your legs! You also get a “mini” glow before the actual color shows up!

Now for the application!

To prevent having supaaaa tanned hands, I recommend wearing gloves or washing hands VERY thoroughly with soap and warm water after applying! Another lesson learned ( The hard way, unfortunately!) is that while you are rubbing in the lotion, keep your hand in a cupped palm with your fingers together, and rub in slow, circular motions. This keeps the color even, and prevents streakage. It’s also important to use very sparingly on your knees, ankles, and heels!

Now that we’ve got a beautiful bronze body, on to some fun makeup tricks!

My favorite face bronzer, is Almay “smart shade”, and for a base, I use Almay Smart Shade CC cream! It’s got spf 35, and is all natural, too! When applying bronzer to your face, make sure you only apply to the forehead, temples, nose and chin! Also just pat your bronzer brush onto your skin to keep from smudging your foundation and moisturizer!

IMG_2002  IMG_2008

I hope, beauties, that these tips come to good use to you! Whether it be for a date night, girls night out, or just itching to have a beautiful summer glow, these tips make it super easy AND you won’t damage your skin in the harsh rays of the sun!

All my love,


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