testimony [piper]


My name is Piper. I am an 18 year old gal striving to seek and know the heart of my Maker.

At the age of 4 Christ made a grand entrance into my heart, and He has never left me or forsaken me; He is the hope of my heart (Hebrews 6:19).
I lived in a gray house, on an 8th street in a small town outside of Seattle, Washington. My family, not the average, you see I am one of 9 children. My family has been Christ-centered for as long as I can remember. My mama, a woman with a fierce heart for the King, and my father, a soldier in the Lord’s army, have been devoted to one another for 34 years (can I get an amen?). I have grown up in a home with hardships of course, but mostly I have experienced love and grace.
My life changed when I encountered The Lord at the age of 4, and I learned what wholly surrendering truly is. You see, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, T1D- type one diabetes. It’s a disease that cannot be cured, only healed. Christ did a work in me, He has been present ever since. I faced the fact that my being a little girl had nothing to do with my ability to deal with a disease that instilled a sense of fear and bitterness toward God. Questions prompted my heart, and I began to ask: Why didn’t God WANT to heal me? Why hasn’t He healed me? Why me? What have I done wrong to deserve this? Christ began to extend me undeserved grace after grace after grace(anybody else know about this amazing grace? ‘Cause if you don’t, I’m just saying, you should!).
Christ moved a mountain from my heart, and a lump from my throat, He began to restore, renew, and change my perspective (He’s good at that). At the age of 11, God told me He is doing a work in me, for here, and for His purpose. At the age of 13 I was baptized, believing, choosing, and carrying the cross, chasing after Jesus. My heart and flesh may fail, but my God never will.
As I entered the stages of early womanhood, God continued (because let’s be real, we never truly arrive until we are face-to-face with The Big Man Himself) to work in me. Life didn’t get easier, and doesn’t get easier, but God’s canvas of grace in my life got a whole lot brighter. He began to shine His light into the corners of my heart. He showed me through a relationship with a boy whom I thought I was going to marry that He has some work to do in both that boy and myself. He instead enlisted me into a season of pursuit after His heart, and began to show me what love truly looks like after a four year relationship. God showed up, He told me about WHO HE IS, and revealed in me a need for HIS abundant love. God encountered my heart at and gave me a picture of His love for me. God whispered in my ear one day, ” I am so proud of you.”  I was confused, and then He said, ” I am proud of you because you are choosing ME. You, Piper, are my Little Girl,” God then pulled a picture out of His wallet.  It was a picture of me. I was shocked. God said to me, “You are purposed. You were made and created to do good things for my Kingdom.”
God broke the chains that were binding my heart. He told me about self-worth. He showed me His provision. He set a fire down in my soul that I can’t contain, that I can’t control. He answered the message that I left on a sticky note in my journal. God has continued to bandage my wounds (He knows I prefer sweet pink bandaids).
So now I am wandering in a field of grace, holding Jesus’ hand along the way, and asking that He bind my wandering heart to His. God has not healed my disease (YET) after fourteen years. He is still manifesting Himself to me in new ways. He is always pointing things out to me that I need to work on, and He extends me grace to do so. God has called me to serve His kingdom so that others might know the richness of His love.
Love does.  Love did it for me. I want to love, live, and serve with a reckless abandon.
Thanks for hearing my heart…
Piper Hope

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