Teach Me How to Pray



Teach Me How to Pray

The past few months haven’t been cutting it for me.  Going to school and walking a mile to do laundry on Sunday’s is really beginning to irk me.  I am blessed beyond measure to have a fiancé and countless friends who lift me up and join me in prayer but God has been pressing on my heart for me to seek something more.

 Jesus’ disciples asked him one day, “Lord, teach us to pray” (Luke 11:1).

 Teach us to pray.  Praying seems too easy but can become impossible when you sit down to actually do it.  Why? It’s just much easier to repeat after our Pastor, or give thanks before meals.  While God calls us to do that, I believe prayer is an action more wild than our hearts can fathom.  I use the word wild because, believe it or not, prayer DOES have a place within each of our hearts. It is the Holy Spirit calling us to live out our very nature.

Whew, those words have been on my heart for weeks and it is such a burden lifted! But my problem remains, what is that nature? Answering “being a good Christian” is a cop-out to me.  I have been praying and mark my words I shall keep on praying about what this innate gift is and how I can use it to expand His Kingdom here on earth.

The Lord is near to all those who call on Him in truth. (Psalm 145:18)

My earnest plea for answers has been met subtly and simply.  Our loving Father wants us near him no matter what we’re doing, where we are, or who we’re with. To establish that personal relationship is such a tangible act of prayer!  For me, it’s been a small awe of emotion while passing a mama cow and her calf to crying my eyes out while driving because I am so thankful, that I’m able to afford a mattress and will soon have a husband to share it with.  The Lord basks in our joys, our sorrows, and everything in between if we will only let him.   You are reading this from The Simply Beloved website and, well, it took me months to realize this but the best way to be-loved is to draw close to Our Father every moment of every day—his sweet guidance and love being the greatest hope-fulfilled.

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