Spring in your step

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Okay guys – spring has sprung, and you know what that means: GET OUTSIDE! This spring I want to challenge you to be outdoors as much as possible. Enjoy your neighborhood, frequent a nearby park, find a new trail, and bask in the beauty of nature the Lord has blessed us with!

I want to tell you a little story. Once upon a time, there was a girl named Lauren (me!) who was too lazy to run to the end of her driveway.

The thought of running was quite appealing to me, and I enjoyed exercise, but you couldn’t pay me to run more than a mile. So, I did something crazy.

Knowing myself as well as I do, I knew I’d never become a runner if I wasn’t under immense pressure, so I signed up for a half marathon. Yes, that’s right: 13.1 miles. I Googled ‘Beginner half marathon training’, chose a 16 week training schedule, and got to work.

I’m not going to lie, I hated it. I don’t think I truly enjoyed running until months after the half was over. But you gotta do what you gotta do, right?!

Friends, I’m being serious when I say this: If I can run, YOU can run. You might be starting out at a 12 minute per mile pace in the beginning, but that’s okay! You can work your way up.

Here’s an easy beginner schedule for you to follow:

Week 1: Run 1 mile / 3 days

Week 2: Run 2 miles / 3 days

Week 3: Run 2 miles / 4 days

Week 4: Run 3 miles / 3 days

Week 5: Run 3 miles / 5 days

Week 6: Run 4 miles / 3 days

That should be enough to carry you into beach-bod season! Now, I have one more helpful suggestion, and you might laugh at how crazy it sounds, but I promise it has made a difference. I don’t listen to pump-you-up pop or hardcore rock while I’m running. It makes me go too fast, and I tire easily. Instead, I have a Pandora station that includes Michael Buble, Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Bing Crosby, Ella Fitzgerald, Doris Day, Rosemary Clooney, Dean Martin, etc. It’s relaxing, light-hearted, and can get you through the worst of miles. Throw in some worship songs and maybe a little Jimmy Buffet when it’s sunny and warm, and you’re all set! And of course, having my precious black lab running alongside me doesn’t hurt things either.

Hope you guys find this helpful. Now get out there and GO!

– Lauren

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