Six Gifts a Glistening


On the sixth day of Christmas my true love gave to me: Six Gifts a Glistening

If you ladies are anything like me, then you like to do things outside of the norm…including gift wrapping. Today we are going explore six unconventional ways to gift wrap this holiday season!

1. Newspaper WrappingPaper

This wrapping technique is easy and affordable. You just use any newspaper and wrap the gifts like you would with normal wrapping paper.

Suggestion: Using classic black and white newspaper (no color or photos) can end up looking better and give you an opportunity to use color in the ribbon or add greens, like the picture shown.


2. Use Polaroid’s for Gift Tags

Using Polaroids is a fun and cute way to venture from the usual gift tags! There are also a lot of DIY Polaroid tutorials on Pinterest, if you want to find a less expensive way to do this.


3. Add Greens

Adding greens is a simple, yet beautifully perfect, way to complete your gift wrapping this season. Head to the park or take a leisurely stroll to your backyard, pick up some greens, and use these pictures as guides!


4. Use Fabric to Gift Wrap

Head to Goodwill or raid your closet for old clothes or flannels you don’t need anymore! Using scrap fabric to wrap presents is a fun and easy way to wrap this season.


5. Throw Some Paint On It

How cute is this white splattered paint on this kraft wrapping paper? This would be a fun little project!


6. Use Chalkboard Wrapping Paper

You can find this wrapping paper almost anywhere: Target, Hobby Lobby, and online. We love this look!


These are just six unconventional ways to make your gift glistening this year! We are so excited to see how you have wrapped your presents. Share with us on Instagram and tag us using the hashtag #belovedChristmas. We would love to see. Happy wrapping, beloveds!


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