She Gives

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Hello, beloveds!! My husband, Noah, and I are so excited to be welcoming our very first bundle of joy! Baby Judah will be making his appearance this September, and we are beside ourselves with how the Lord has blessed us. It’s amazing how just one little person (who is yet to arrive) can turn your world completely upside down. In the midst of all the preparation, we have been overwhelmed by the amount of love surrounding us and this baby. He is coming into this world with so much privilege. There’s a never ending list of people who are prepared to love on him, spoil him, journey with him, and pray for him. We are beyond grateful for the love that surrounds us, but all of this has really made us reflect on the fact that most children aren’t born into these same circumstances.

Noah and I are part of a ministry with our church, Imagine, called “The Presence Project” (check out #presenceproject on Instagram to fall in love). We give our time each week to walk with the community of families at The Next Step Homeless Shelter in Kaka’ako, Hawaii. The premise of this project is simply to be a presence in the lives of the children who live there. We don’t bring food or clothes and leave. We make a point to invest our time and efforts into getting to know them individually. We play with them, laugh with them, teach them, learn from them, think of them, believe in them, encourage them, and pray for them. We strive to provide them with the peace of knowing that they are thought of, loved, and ultimately, not alone.

We love these kids. We also love their families. We love the mothers and fathers who sacrifice and struggle to give their children the best quality of life they can. They undergo scrutiny and are outcast by society as they fight to just make it. They are no different from any of us, yet circumstances are against them. We have been humbled and blessed with the opportunity to journey with them.

Beloved, allow me to share my heart: It kills me that these children were not born into the same privilege that my son is coming into. They didn’t have endless lists of people ready to support them. They didn’t have grandparents eager to spoil them. They didn’t have family and friends showering their parents with gifts to celebrate their arrival. I can’t emphasize this enough: my husband and I do not work half as hard as these families, yet we have been blessed through the fullness of grace to have the support system we do.

After reflecting on all this, we have decided against a baby shower for Judah. He is already well taken care of. Instead, we are aiming to bless and shower the 63 beautiful children of the Next Step Homeless Shelter. We are running a shoebox-type gift drive for these kids and would love each of them to feel empowered, knowing that they are loved and supported. We know this is a tall order, but we are trying to collect them all by the end of this month (July) in order to get them to the kids on August 1st. If any of you are interested in putting a box together, please contact me via Instagram (@perryspice) or email ( And if you are unable to give, please join us in prayer for these children. This is the next generation, and we have the opportunity lift them up.

All my love, be-lovelies.


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