Hey girl, hey!

Many of us like fashion or are stylish in some way or another. Everyone has her own sense of style – don’t ever let anyone tell you any different! We tend to reflect our style based on the type of person we are, yes? There is a plethora of styles that are easily influenced by someone or something.

Let me be real for a sec: I cannot stand when I hear people say that they started something or they were the first…uh, yeah, okay! In reality, that person got the idea, thought, or inspiration from something or someone. It’s true. We all like what we like, and we tend to gravitate towards those things.

Well, I like it all. I wear just about anything I think is super cute or looks good. I don’t care if I’m classified as “hipster”, “boho-chic”, “grunge”, “pinterest-y” (that’s a thing apparently), “beach-bum chic”. I don’t really get the whole label thing – never have and honestly, never will. I wear whatever! So, here are a few of my “bold” steps in my everyday style.


– Top left: my “Lady GaGa” sunglasses. I bought these about two years ago, and some said I looked like GaGa or I should be watching 3-D movies somewhere. Real, funny, I know.

– Top middle: I was on the hunt for a “vintage” wide brimmed hat. I stumbled across this brown men’s hat. Instant love. Others: It’s men’s. Me: Yes, I know! It’s perfect.

– Top right: That’s just a normal photo. I used to have really long, naturally wavy, ombré hair. I decided to go darker and chop it off. People weren’t too keen on that, but I’m a risk-taker!

– Bottom left: That’s my “gramma” sweater. I wore that bad boy about three years ago. I was told I looked like a grandma, a wizard, or like I’m wearing a rug. Jokes on them! Today, y’all think it’s Free People.

– Bottom middle: Dark lips. Did that. My dear male friends didn’t take to it too well. They said it was too harsh. I like it. You like it. We all like it. So, rock on!

– Bottom right: I wore this number a couple years ago. It was a risky purchase. Seeing as hats like this weren’t worn by many. Impulse purchase! Oh my. I got all the comments: Mad Men, Mafia hat, Charlie Chaplin, 1920’s guy, Boy George…. the list goes on! Needless to say, hats are all the rage right now. Just open your Pinterest or Insta. I’m all bout that hat life. Oh, and P.S., I’m pictured in a cut-off muscle white tee…so, grungy + edgy I know….and I’ve been wearing mid rings since I saw Phoebe in FRIENDS…yes!

Life is too short to wear boring clothes.

By showing you these styles, I want to encourage you ladies to step out and take a risk. I took risks. And yes, I got some weird looks and some even weirder comments, but that’s life. We can’t live our lives trying to please everyone else – it’s impossible. Be true to who you are and embrace the way God has made you. Sure, He didn’t make you with dark crimson lips, wild ombré hair, tattoos, and bold eyes – but He did form YOU.

So darlin’, be who you are in Christ and let your wardrobe reflect that. As long as y’all aren’t “stumblin’ a brother” and are dressing modestly; embrace your style and run wild with it!

“I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well”.
-Psalm 139:14




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