Playlist: Freeing your heart


My heart has been craving real, raw, unaltered lyrics. God has been showing me how much influence music has in my life. Words have the ability to empower, inspire, change, and free our souls, and that’s exactly how He intended it to be.

My heart has felt so tangled these past few weeks. In the midst of my messy circumstances God has been freeing my heart through song and praise. He is using music to renew me, uplift me, and help me recognize what a moment can hold when I choose to seek Him in all that I do, including what I listen to.

He makes it well within.
He renews the weak with strength.
He gives hope to the hopeless.
He is grace undeserved.
He is love unchanging.

We are all in need of Grace Himself, and I pray He continues to work in our hearts through song.

I hope this playlist brings hope to your current circumstances, or your heart’s aching voice, or your simplest prayer.

  1. Dara Maclean, “Find Rest”
  2. Ellie Holcomb, “The Broken Beautiful”
  3. Zedd, “Find You”
  4. Steffany Gretzinger, “Steady Heart”
  5. Lauren Daigle, “How Can It Be”
  6. Elevation Worship, “Give Me Faith”
  7. Dave Barnes, “Good”
  8. Steffany Gretzinger, “We Dance”
  9. About the Author, “Hope Around the Corner”
  10. Joy Williams, “Charmed Life”
  11. Dave Barnes, ”Amen, Amen”
  12. Alex & Sierra, “Almost Home”



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