Perfect Picnics


Summer is all about adventure and light-hearted fun- what better way to have a mini adventure than with a picnic? I’ve gathered some great picnic ideas that you will love. Grab your friends and give it a try this season!

Okay- so in all reality all you reallllly need for a picnic is some food, drinks, your friends, and a nice little blanket to sit on- but with the right preparation you can have a killer day-at-the-park/beach/etc.

Now, for the ultimate picnic guide:

First things first- FOOD. Get your gals together, go to your local farmers market (or grocery) and pick up some favorite fruits, veggies, and other snacks. If you don’t want to worry about a cooler, think about foods that won’t spoil if they aren’t chilled. My personal favorite is a good salad (no meat) in a mason jar. It’s so simple to layer all your salad favorites into one convenient jar!
P.S. Don’t forget silverware like I did on my first-go-round.
(pic found on pinterest)
Now you need drinks. Of course, bring lots of water to stay hydrated. Or make some fruit infused water, lemonade, or tea. You could even grab a bottle of wine! They make some fantastic wine tumblr cups with lids on them that are great for this occasion.
Definitely bring a big blanket for everyone to sit and lay on. I like to bring little pillows too sometimes because it just makes the picnic that much better. If you have one of those amazing Eno hammocks, bring that too. Thats next on my adventure to-buy list.
(photo found on pinterest)
Everything is always better with music so bring a speaker or play some tunes on your phone to set the tone for the picnic. Of course, our favorites are on our TSB playlists that you can check out on Spotify.
Have fun, beauties!

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