New Year, New Nails

There are lots of ways to ring in the New Year. Everyone wants to be a better version of themselves. We find ourselves starting new gym memberships, fad diets, making wardrobe updates, getting fresh hairstyles…

Well, I’m here to bring one more element to your look that you simply cannot avoid: NAILS!

Fresh nails make me want to touch things and type things and hold things and point at things. It’s like I’ve got happiness on my fingertips and everyone around me must know! So, rip off those gloves, and let’s take a look at what’s on the tips of everyone’s fingers for 2015!

First, we’ve got to hit up the new colors. Essie is coming in hot with some killer cashmere matte finishes that you don’t want to miss. These are perfect for quiet winter weather styles, but they can also carry into spring and summer as well.

imageNext, let’s take a look at what OPI has in their new spring and summer collection. These colors are so exciting that I might not last until spring before they make an appearance on my fingers. But hey, would anyone blame me?


Now, if you think it stops there, you’re crazy wrong. These days, a simple color just isn’t enough! There are loads of fun ways to style your nails with more than just a simple shade from your favorite polish line. I mean, with all these incredible colors coming out, who wants to limit themselves to just one?

With that being said, our cuticles have a lot to say these days. They’ve been ignored for centuries, and they are not happy about it. “Out with the French manicures!” they’re screaming. “Let’s change things up a bit and show the bottom side of the nail a thing or two!” And so, we shall…

Here we see that cuticle designs are in, and they are crushing it. These brand new styles are coming from the bottom up, and everyone’s hopping on the bandwagon.

These new 2015 styles are so fun and super cute, and we hope to see you all on your own “Mani Cam” doing a little jig with your fresh paint job. Just remember to show those cuticles who’s boss!

Happy New Year!




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