My Make Up Favorites


Hello, my sweet beloved community.

I often get asked what make up products are my favorite and what kind of foundation I use on my face.

As a make up artist, I know that there are so many good ones out there and I like to try out anything new on the shelves. But, of course, I do have my favorites and go-to’s that seem to work the best for me and my skin.

So I’ve compiled a list of my top 5 favorites! Here they are!

1. Ultra Repair Face Moisturizer- First Aid Beauty UR_Face_Moisturizer

Hydration is KEY to glowy, dewy, radiant skin. Moisturize your face before you put a single other drop on it – this is my number one rule! Investing in a good quality face moisturizer is where you should splurge. Think about it this way, if you start taking care of your skin now with a quality regiment, then you will be helping yourself out 10 years down the road and you won’t be running to the botox (lol)!

2. Foundation Primer Radiance- Laura Mercier

Foundation Primer_Radiance on White

Girls, if you haven’t invested in a foundation primer and you want to keep your make up looking fresh and lasting throughout the day, do yourself a fav and buy some of this! There are tons of other options of brands/prices out there that will do the job. This one is just my favorite! Primer is the key weapon for beating the heat and sweat that can cause make up blotches or your make up to smear /run off. KEY note: Prime it baby!

3. Prep + Prime Highlighter- MAC Cosmetics


See the pattern here? I kinda swear by primers. They are truly key to that beautiful, natural LASTING glow. Prep and prime highlighter by MAC is like putting a little light bulb under your eyes (haha). But seriously, it brightens up any dark circles you might have and eliminates crease marks your concealer can leave. This stuff is the

4.  Face and Body Foundation- MAC


No matter what, this foundation holds the candle for me. It’s been my all time favorite for a couple years now and the one I always go back to. If your skin is more on the dry side and you like a light to medium coverage, this foundation is perfect for you. I don’t really have much to say about it, because it just speaks for itself. I feel like it does no wrong, it only makes me feel like my skin looks like JLo’s… well, I can only dream haha but yeah, I just think it’s beautiful, light and glowy. And I think you’ll love it too!

5. Ambient Lighting Palette- Hourglass

_10917603This incredibly gorgeous palette is a total 3 in 1 which makes it worth the money, in my opinion. It can be used for highlighting, bronzer and blush. Or you can even mix all three and create a one of a kind highlight. This is my favorite summer go-to product! You must try it and see what I’m talking about!

Well, there they are, beauties! My top 5 favorite make up products currently. If you try them out and have any questions on how to apply or my tips for technique, just drop a comment and I’ll be sure to answer your questions!

Until next time!



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