It’s a feeling we all dislike- opening up your heart and being vulnerable only to get a very confused facial expression staring right back at you. You quickly begin to wonder, Did I say something amiss? Then you begin to endlessly wonder what is going through the other person’s head, and you begin to question the path you have chosen for your life, and the words you just passionately expressed.

There are negative people in this world. There, I said it. They will question or mock anything you say. There are people who have never, nor will they ever, experience the same things you have.  Therefore, they simply cannot understand your life choices.

There are also those overly positive people in your life who praise every little thing you do. They make you wonder if they honestly mean what they say.

Negative or positive, friend or foe, family or stranger, no one person’s input should be a huge weight on your life.

Oh friends, how many times has a close friend excitingly chattered about their new life choice, telling you their strict plan to accomplish their desires, only to come back later dragging their feet in defeat because one person shook their head in disapproval, tilted their head to the side in questioning, or worse, dared to say a cunning comment. All that passion, motivation, and excitement is suddenly gone. “They’re right,” we hear them mumble, “I am not quite cut out for that task, I do have certain duties to attend to here, or it was selfish of me to think.”

Words words words. How much they mean to us. We are all guilty of having full conversations just to try to decipher what that one person truly meant when they said this, or replaying that one encounter over and over again in our heads trying to make sense of it.  We desperately try to decipher the meaning of other peoples’ actions.

How exhausting is that?

My dear darlings, lend me your ears and your hearts right now. Take a moment to reflect on your life right now, your relationships, actions, and decisions. Is this truly what you want to do with your life? Does it make you happy? Do you experience a feeling of purpose when you walk through the doors of your workplace? Do you find passion and excitement as you take that one college course? Be honest with yourself, beloved, because confidence and freedom cannot be obtained until we secure those feelings inwardly.

Next, I want you to reflect on your relationship with God. Do you have one? Does it feel like the real deal to you? Can you confidently say, “Yes, I know God, I know who He is in my life,” and it’s a relationship that you highly regard above all else?  If not, let me encourage you to pray right now for Jesus Christ the Son of God to reveal Himself to you to obtain that personal relationship.

Your parents’ will always be a huge factor in your decisions due to the role God has placed them in your life. Although you are now a young lady making decisions on her own, and you are growing in your own personal relationship with God, your parents should be the stamp of approval upon any decision you make. They may not understand, and that is okay, but I wholeheartedly believe it is still of utmost importance for your parents’ blessing as that accountability in your life.

It’s a struggle. You want everyone around you to understand you and to be in complete agreement with you, but it’s never going to happen. There will always be that one individual who disapproves, that one friend who isn’t genuinely happy for you, or that family member who refuses to understand. Let me remind you today that their opinions will never matter. One day, you will stand before God sitting on His majestic throne, and you will account for your actions done on earth.

Those passions, those dreams, those desires, have all been purposed and placed on your hearts for a reason. Rise up, and seize the day my friends, for who knows what will happen tomorrow? We simply don’t have time to weigh all the opinions of our loved ones, we don’t need the affirmation to go for it. Reject those expectations, separate your thoughts from those of your friends. Do you wholeheartedly agree with that statement someone just made about you and your plans? If not, speak up! Don’t let anyone discourage you. Remember that you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you and you will answer to God one day, not men.

I loved the response Peter and the apostles gave to the council and high priests when they strictly forbid them to preach the name of Jesus Christ in all of Jerusalem.

“But Peter and the other apostles answered and said, “We ought to obey God rather than men” Acts 5:28-29.

They confidently knew their callings as witnesses of Jesus Christ, and they knew these things to be so absolutely true that no prisons or threats could discourage their actions.

Honestly, we are all misunderstood human beings who want nothing more than to be understood. We want meaningful conversations. We seek to find purpose in our lives. But how many days of life are we promised?

Those voices of insecurity and doubt are simply the advice of men. Has God placed a dream on your heart? Please do pray about it. Don’t look to counsel of men for approval, but look to God first who is a wonderful and mighty Counselor. Then seek the accountability of a trusted loved one. The Bible is also full of counselors, as in the authors who wrote these God breathed words onto paper.

Now, here comes the best part.  God completely understands you because He made this little heart of yours! He will never mock or discourage you. Pour out your heart before Him, and you will experience His comforting presence and infinite wisdom.

“Delight yourself also in The Lord, and He shall give you the desires of your heart.” Psalm 37:4

Live life fully through Him,


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