Kandis Marino


Position: Staff Photographer & Writer

Find Me: Instagram @ mrskmarino / kandismarinophotography.com

Started with TSB: January of 2014

What The Simply Beloved means to me…

“For me, The Simply Beloved is used as a platform to encourage women in the truth of the gospel, to live God’s word out daily, practically and together as a community.

TSB has proved to be an outlet for women to share more than just on a surface level.  It provides a place where women can be vulnerable and relate to one another on a deeper level. It has been used as a means to learn, grow and pray together and for one another.

Lastly, I want to point out that this ministry has built ways for creative avenues and has made it a home for expression in different ways of what we believe in.  We were created by a creator in His image… which means we are created to create.  In our own unique ways this allows the use of vast talents to impact people to a greater degree.”

TSB Stands Article / Testimony