Esther Mack

esthermackPosition: Editorial & Series Writer

What The Simply Beloved means to me…

“And one night, I just got so tired of feeling so broken. The tears started because of grieving then continued because I didn’t know how I would possibly get to the part of the

story where I was resolved and moving forward with God. So, I went to Google and typed in “Christian girls heartbreak.” A few clicks later, I was led to The Simply Beloved site. I got to read article after article from other women living life and embracing challenging situations and feelings;, while still clinging to God’s grace and immutable character.

The Simply Beloved was the breath of fresh air I needed to sift through the fog of my emotions. The gut level honesty of the articles were a reminder to me that I was not alone in the difficulties of my emotions; and that it is possible to be vulnerable about the struggle, while still clinging to God’s love and truth. In that same night, I applied to be a writer. It has been a joy to share the lessons God is teaching me, while connecting to the women whose stories helped me have faith that I could get to the good part.”

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