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Calling all hostesses! Are you looking for a fun, fresh way to kick off spring? Well ladies, here are 5 great tips and tricks to throwing the sweetest spring gathering!

1. Flowers, Foliage, and More Flowers!
Incorporating flowers and foliage into any get-together is going to bring a lot more life to the party….literally. Fresh flowers are a must, but making an arrangement doesn’t have to be a chore! Pick up a few bunches at the grocery store or local florist, snip the ends, then plop them in vases and mason jars. Succulents, lavender, and rosemary all make for great arrangements as well!

2. Comfort is Key
Making sure your guests feel at home and comfortable is really important when hosting a party. You can easily make someone more comfortable by offering blankets/pillows to sit on, or having candles or a fire lit around the venue. Also, adding a string of lights is always a great idea! These are great ways to instantly make your guests feel warm and invited.


3. Setting Up The Drink/Dessert Table
Okay. Let’s get down to business and talk about the good stuff…sweets! If you have an unbelievable sweet tooth like I do, you will make sure to have a dessert/drink table set up! You don’t have to offer a wide range of drinks or sweets for your party to be a hit…Sometimes a small selection is the best selection. Examples: Raspberry lemonade, tea, and water; and Mini Cupcakes, cake pops, or small pies. Or even a candy bar would work—which you can find to be surprisingly inexpensive depending on what candy and how much you pick.


4. Music/Games
Music is also a must. Music is a great way to fill any silence and loosen people up! It is also a great way to start a little dance party—also a must! Games are great for downtime between arrival and the meal. The great thing about outdoor garden parties is that there are plenty of fun games to be had outside like corn hole, croquet, badminton, etc. These are two great ways to add a little fun to the party.


5. Garden Party Favors
The fun thing about having a garden party is all the options you have to choose from for your party favors. You could send your guests home with a packet of seeds, a tiny succulent or floral arrangement, a bag of fruity tea, or even a sweet treat to go, like a macaroon!


So ladies, send out your invitations and ask your friends to join you in lovely evening spent outside! These simple tips and tricks will help you to throw the quaintest gathering full of fun and fellowship! We would love to see how you get-together. Use the hashtag #TSBgather and show us how you garden party!

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