Luncheon and Brunchin’


Hello my friends, I pray that as you read these words you’ll take a moment to pause from all of the open tabs in your thoughts, from your non-stop buzzing smartphone, and from whatever you’re worrying about. Just stop. Seize this as an opportunity to reflect upon the last time you had a peaceful moment with your girlfriends. A time of sweet fellowship filled with laughter, joy, and a sense of carelessness. I know everyone’s schedules are constantly busy with never-ending responsibilities and duties that call upon us every waking moment of our days. However, I’d love to encourage you to plan a little get together with some friends this month! You can do it. I’ve put together this guide and had my beautiful friend Allee take some lovely photos to inspire you!

Step 1: Create a group chat with your friends. Maybe you haven’t seen some friends in ages or desire to reach out to someone, but don’t know how to. Conveniently add all their names to the group message and excitingly start the conversation with, “Let’s hangout and have a little brunch get together!” (Add lots of emojis.)

Step 2: When all your friends respond, plan a date, time, and location, then proceed to figure out who can bring what. My friends and I simply offered to bring what we had in our kitchens. My friend had a Mickey Mouse shaped waffle maker. Um, yes please! Another knew how to make German pancakes. Yes, again! I had all the ingredients to a strawberry oatmeal bar recipe, so that’s what I made. Whatever is easiest for everyone, go for it! There’s no need to spend a lot of money.

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Step 3: Show up in your spring best and get cooking! We gathered in my friend’s adorable cottage looking kitchen and happily put together our fabulous menu of scrambled eggs, hash browns, German pancakes, Mickey Mouse shaped waffles, strawberries, and French pressed coffee! It was so fun making it together! We were able to laugh at our cooking mistakes and quickly pull together our little brunch. Put everyone who comes to work, whether it may be setting the table, cooking the food, cleaning a few dishes, or maybe snapping a few photos! Make everyone feel involved and needed when they come.

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Step 4: The best part: dig in! We couldn’t believe how much the four of us were able to prepare and bring to the table. It was incredibly easy and rewarding. We were able to catch up and enjoy each other’s company in a relaxed environment. Be sure to help clean up at the end of your gathering! It’s another opportunity to continue fellowshipping together and not leaving the dishes for the hostess.

There is significance in sharing a meal with other people.

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Take the example of Jesus. He was always down for an invitation to eat. He even invited Himself over to Zacchaeus’ house, “Come on down Zacchaeus, I want to come over to your house and eat.” In those times, eating with someone was becoming one with them; it was greatly significant. In speaking of His desire to eat with Zacchaeus, Jesus desired to be one with him, just as He desires to be one with us. I urge you to desire to enter into that closer relationship with others through the blessing of sharing a meal. Perhaps you have family, friends, or neighbors who do not know Christ. Invite them over! If someone who is on your heart is unable to physically come to your meal, offer to bring it to them! As Jesus portrayed, love and close relationships are made through eating delicious food!

Be blessed friends,


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