Let’s Party: Birthday Bash


Hello, lovely ladies! Today I want to share with you some tips and tricks to make your summer parties ones to remember!

My birthday is at the end of August and I’ve been trying to find some neat ways to make my party fun and unique for everyone to enjoy.

First, this summer I’ve been obsessed with homemade popsicles! I think they’re a great refreshing treat and so much better homemade.

I found this recipe for

Lavender Cream & Strawberry Popsicles


Here are the ingredients:

2 Cups Strawberries, sliced

1 Cup Sugar

1 Cup Milk

1 Cup Greek Yogurt

1 Tablespoon Lavender


Find the rest of the directions here!

Secondly, I know how frustrating it can be to have your punch be watered down with ice, while the sun is beating down on your outside shin-dig. I have found a recipe that turns your punch or drink of choice into a big ice cube so it melts with your drink instead of water!


Fish House Punch:


3 cups dark rum, preferably Jamaican
1½ cups cognac
1½ cups simple syrup
1½ cups fresh lemon juice
¾ cup peach schnapps
1 lemon, thinly sliced crosswise, to garnish


Combine rum, cognac, syrup, juice, schnapps, and 3 cups chilled water in a large punch bowl; place a large block of ice or ice ring mold in the punch to chill. Float lemon slices over top of punch and serve.

Here are more drink recipe ideas for you to try & win over your summertime guests with!


Thirdly, the number one killer of a summertime party mood is the BUGS. I have found a homemade way to keep those pesky suckers away from your goodtime: a super easy home-made candle!


The directions and supplies are super easy. All you have to do is gather up some of your favorite scents: mint, lemon, lime, and rosemary. Add some water and Citronella Bug Off Oil in a mason jar. Set a little floating candle on top and viola! 10 minutes, and you have a multi-purpose decoration.

Lastly, parties are all about the photos, right?! Here is a DIY photo back drop perfect for your summer bash!


Get instructions here! If you want a different feel to your back drop, check out these other DIY photo booths!

There you have it, beloveds! I hope your summer parties are a real hit!

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