Learning to accept


Brothers and sisters, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.

Philippians 3:13–14

Hello Darling,

As we start a new year with new resolutions, it is important to reflect on what we’ve accomplish, where we are we now, and where we are going!

Accepting the present and forgetting the past might be something that is easier said than done, but we have to embrace the knowledge of every decision, even if it leads to “failure”. One of the things I struggle with most is accepting changes – even if they are positive ones, I tend to constantly look back and reflect if I am made the right decision.

Recently, life has changed drastically for me, but every day I realize how everything in life has a purpose if you follow God’s Word.

My fiancé lives in Utah and I live in California, so that alone has been very challenging, especially while planning a wedding in Mexico! My life is changing because I have to transition from living in California to living in Utah, and with that comes finding a new job and making new friends – basically getting out of my comfort zone. Although I am extremely happy with this new phase of my life, it can get overwhelming.

I’ve always categorized myself as a free sprit, easy-going person who doesn’t take life too seriously. However, this has sometimes created conflict with my goals and maturing as an adult. I was pretty much scared to grow up and face the reality that comes with adulthood.

As I reflect on my life even with the little struggles, never in a millions years would I have thought that I will be getting married at 27 and moving to Utah. I had a different plan. But in the blink of an eye God has showed me that He has a different plan, and I know He will take care of me.

After graduating from college, I didn’t feel accomplished because I didn’t get my dream job. I was disappointed at life, and I couldn’t forgive myself for not trying “harder”. I was in a place where all I wanted was to go out and have fun, when deep inside I was trying to numb the feeling of disappointment. Eventually, the feeling was so heavy that I couldn’t handle it by myself. I got closer to God, and ever since then my life has completely changed.

I met my fiancé and all of a sudden adulthood was so exciting. I was so in love with my life, excited with my job and looking forward to building a future together with my fiancé. Although I made many, many mistakes I’ve learned to let go and accept where life has taken me and where I am now. I am not saying that life is easier now or that being close to God means life will be perfect, but it does makes it way easier to know you can always turn to God and He takes care of you. Now I can look back and be thankful for every experience and even every bad decision because that has brought me to
the life I have now.

This is a little poem or prayer I wrote to God that talks about letting go and about how big His compassion and the gift of salvation is.

You are my Lord
The rock and my strength
You cleaned my soul and paid my debt

You were born to save nations to lead by example
No words can describe your love and compassion

On my darkest days you never let me fall
No matter where I go or tried to hide, you always bring me light

A promise you keep, even when I constantly fail you,
No record is kept
Is the gift of salvation

Lord we don’t deserve your love
But you never let us go
Now it’s our job to share your word and
Bring hope to our brothers and sisters with your amazing love

Beautiful sisters, I hope this month rather than just trying to change, we take some time to accept ourselves and then move on with a positive attitude knowing that God loves us as we are now! Remember, every day is a new opportunity to be better, and as long as you are trying to move forward, every day is a new year with new resolutions and goals to achieve!

With love,


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