God’s timing; I know In Whom I Trust

\ I know in whom I trust //
I specifically have to remember this daily. 
Not only in my everyday decisions + thoughts but in everything I do.
Lately, God has really been asking me to trust Him.
I mean, I do. However, the controlling part of me wants to take control of every situation.
The best place these “situations” can be are in God’s hands.
Once, we’ve fully surrendered it all + placed it on the altar.
We have now have come to a full trusting relationship with our Father.
He knows our hearts + desires and will do what He sees best for us.
Relationships, Godly relationships are easy when given to The Lord
It will complicate itself the more we try and take control + take matter into our own hands; and not His.
There is a peace + sense of security when we have placed our worries in the hands of our loving Father.
We no longer have a say in what happens next, but only have the understanding of it being God’s will for us.
I’m sure we all have a cookie cutter image of what we look for in our future husbands.
We have a checklist a mile long + are waiting for that perfect man.
Now, I’m not saying your checklist of your ideal man will never come true, but
Just give that portion to The Lord and see what amazing things He will do for you.
Sometimes the person we were holding out for, isn’t necessarily the person that God has intended for us to be with.
When He feels that we are ready, He will present us with the man He’s had
Waiting for us all this time, and it will be so easy when it’s right.
The person God may have for us may not be what we expected at first.
But He makes no mistakes and we must remember that His plan is better than ours will ever be.
I do think that God changes the desires of our hearts to be matched with the man He has chosen for us.
He knows what we need. We just know what we want.
Sometimes, it may not make sense to us, and may feel weird, but just knowing that the relationship that is cultivating is totally from The Lord gives you an automatic peace in the Spirit.
Oh man, at this time I would say pray. Pray fervently + directly ask God what it is
That you’re feeling + desiring.
Make your requests known to Him, and come to Him completely bare and open to His plan.
And pray that if the feelings you have aren’t from The Lord then to take them away.
Here’s the great part, if those feelings are still there + growing……well, then trust 
That this is in fact the man that The Lord has for you + just see what He does with it.
Some people say that they are just waiting on a vision, sign, or confirmation 
from The Lord to make their next step + decision.
A good friend of mine told me that a relationship centered around Christ 
Isn’t like a traffic light.
He isn’t gonna tell you to stop…..slow down…..or give you the green light.
He simply is going to answer your prayers and give you the answer you need + align your heart.
He is our Father. He wants to bless us. He wants to give us the desires of our hearts.
We can seriously ask God for what we want, and see what He does. 
The great thing is that we can come to our Father for absolutely anything.
Like the saying goes, “When you know, you know”.
I never really understood that whole thing, until the “know” really does happen.
You may meet the man that you really feel God has brought to you + if it’s not
His perfect timing, then it won’t take place until the time has come
I know. This isn’t exactly the fluffiest feeling ever, but just knowing that what
You feel is straight from The Lord 
And your Spirits just can’t help but attract one another 
Seek The Lord + ask Him to guide + guard your heart
All the peace + confirmation you need.
When God feels like you’re ready, He will make it so easy for you to find one another
Sometimes He just really isn’t done with us yet. Actually He never is. 
He may have bigger + better plans for us as individuals and when the time comes
The Lord may have two entirely different plans for both you.
He is going to use you both individually according to His purpose.
The plans He has at the moment may be different for you both
All you can do is trust in Him and know that His plan is perfect + good.
Just keep your focus on Jesus and when the time is right you won’t even know
What to do with the amazing man of God that He has placed so perfectly in your path.
Beloveds, be patient + always remember in whom you trust in. 
The Father who knew you + created you.
// 1 Corinthians 13:7-8 \
“It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres
Love never fails”.
                                             xx + blessings!


  • Reply May 9, 2015


    This is perfect! Such a blessing.

  • Reply November 1, 2015


    Thank you so much for sharing this. Just what I needed, blessings!

  • Reply February 21, 2016


    I have been to this page many times over the last few moments. I met someone about five months ago and feel so strongly that God brought us together. I don’t know what happened and why it didn’t fully work itself out but I have found myself praying and asking and letting go and thinking about this person so deeply. I prayed that God would remove him from my mind if it was not right but I have just found myself feeling deeper and deeper in it. I have no idea why I had this encounter, nor do I know the reason why God has put these feelings into my heart. I hope and I pray that at the perfect time something truly magical does happen for me and until then I just have to be patient. Thank you for writing this you have no idea how much it helps to read something that makes sense with what I am feeling.

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