How To Do [Beach Waves]

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Ok, we will say it- we’re kinda obsessed with the babein’ “beach wave” hairstyle. It’s the whole “I didn’t spend hours on my hair” but I’m stating a look- effortless but beautiful.
With the temperatures rising, shorts breaking out + bathing suits soon on the way- we wanna be sure we know just how easy this hairstyle is to do! We’ve compiled a few different styles + ways to wear this look for several hair lengths, plus a couple tips if you’re wanting to add some color for the warmer weather!


Here’s what you’ll need:

1: Curling Iron: 1 inch or 1 1/2 inch

curling iron
[Walmart for 10 bucks]

2: Sea Salt Spray

seasalt spray
[Target for 6 bucks]
Here’s what to do:
1. Flip your curling iron upside down (where the cord is facing up).
2. Holding the clamp down (with the curling iron open) take a small section of your hair and wrap it going down the curling iron, in the direction away from your face.
Like this:
3. Continue to repeat this until you hair is fully waved with your curling iron.
4. Let your hair set + cool (takes about 5 mins after you’re finished curling it).
5. Once it’s cooled, run your fingers through the curls to help loosen them up + separate to give a more effortless wave.
5. With your surf spray, give your hair a couple of sprays and work it in with “squanching” your waves up towards the crown of your head.

Now here’s some styles for you to grab:

All around- 10. That beautiful ombre’ on top of the long beach waves- yes & yes!
Hellooooo, adorable, incredible, amazing long bob with the most
perfect loose waves! We’ll take it + that color- TOP NOTCH.
Sassy + short! This haircut doesn’t miss out on getting to rock the
beach wave, either! Plenty of length + those pretty warm tones of
color adds great dimension!

Med-length + the bang! Yes, you too can join in and wave on.
If wanna add a little change for the season without chopping more
length, chop the bang! It’s an instant fresh look, without a doubt!
WAVE IT, BRAID IT. Adding a quick and easy braid to any length or hair
with a great wave, is a YES + perfect for summer.

Are you convinced? The beach wave is the way to go

for the season, darlings! Try em out and tag us with your look @thesimplybeloved.

Heart you, beauties!

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    Hi. Could you please tell me how long does this hairstyle stay on before coming back to the original texture?

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