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With the oncoming of the dreary and cold, I think it’s natural to want to add some green to your life. If you have a natural green thumb, then you go girl. But if you’re anything like me, you struggle a bit with greenery around the home and may prefer a more low maintenance plant friend. That is why I LOVE succulents! They are so beautiful and come in such a wide variety, plus they are tough little guys! This month it’s all about finding fun and creative ways to incorporate succulents into your home decor.

First things first— it’s important to understand how to re-pot your succulents to insure that they will thrive. I don’t claim to be a natural when it comes to keeping plants alive, but I have learned a little trick to help these guys survive and it has worked for me! Succulents are a dessert plant and their containers need to have proper draining. I’ve found that a great way to make that happen in fun containers is to add rocks at the bottom. You can find these at any craft or dollar store. Simply add a layer of rocks to your container and transfer the plant over!
You can use this trick in virtually any container!

I’ve put together a few of my favorite succulent inspiration photos for each room! Don’t be afraid to incorporate them in unexpected places. The fun part for me is finding creative containers. Hit up your local thrift store and think outside the box! Try it out and share with us! Have fun belovers!


Creative containers


Bathroom inspiration

Kitchen inspiration


Living room inspiration

Bedroom inspiration


Featured Image via #BelovedLife by @EricaPerry

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