Four Paper Cranes


On the fourth day of Christmas my true love gave to me: Four Paper Cranes

I just love a good old-fashioned Christmas – homemade goodies, Christmas crafts, family by the fire singing along to your favorite carols. I simply cannot get enough of this holiday!

One craft I found new but enlightening was the Japanese tradition of folding of paper cranes. Paper cranes symbolize loyalty, strength, grace, and peace and are often used to decorate Christmas trees. This wasn’t a normal holiday tradition of ours growing up, but it taught me a lot more than just folding and unfolding along the dotted lines.


First thing I did to prepare for this craft was hit up Michaels, one of my favorite craft stores, for some pretty paper. They have TONS to choose from! Let’s just say I was in there for an embarrassing amount of time. I finally decided on four different patterns that all had some shade of gray involved. I had initially gone in the store with red and green in mind, but I’m glad I went with neutrals!


Second step of crane prep was to find a tutorial online. This took even longer than picking out the perfect print. The first Youtube video I tried was 8 minutes long with no verbal directions. I overestimated my ability to follow along. Needless to say, I ventured to another website for the three remaining cranes. The second website was a little more helpful, but I still found that I was not as good at folding paper as I had anticipated I would be.


Thankfully, I was able to laugh at myself attempting to make the perfect crane, because I could have easily thrown in the towel at my oh-so crooked birds. In hindsight, this craft taught me a lesson that I find very valuable.

We are not perfect. Therefore, we cannot create perfection. God is the only One who is capable of that.

Christmas has turned into such a stressful time of year. Everyone gets anxious about hosting, finding the best gift, getting up their decorations in time, and making sure everything is, well, … perfect. But we can’t do that to ourselves. I look at these four cranes, and none of them turned out the way I had imagined. But, all together, they look wonderful! And that’s what we all are. We are a world full of imperfect beauties that God loves no matter what.


I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.
Psalm 139:14

 This Christmas, set out to find the beauty in imperfection, and try to see yourself the way God sees you. None of us has straight lines or perfect edges, but we are all still so magnificent.


Photos by Anna Grace Paulovkin:

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    Wonderful reminder of Christ’s great love for us!

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