Focused in ’15


This year is full of some rather time-consuming changes.  I’m graduating college and entering, for the first time, the labyrinth that is called the “adult world”.  Six days after that, I get married and board the rollercoaster of life full of emotional highs and lows as a wife. When you combine those two life-changing events, you get one frazzled 21-year-old who comes down with pneumonia under the stress of it all.

This is why, now, a few weeks after the New Year’s resolution hustle and bustle subsides, I know I need to get focused on being healthy in the year 2015. I may not always have the time or the money to regularly attend a gym, but I know that with a few simple lifestyle changes, I can keep my eyes looking up (where it matters!) and keep this temple that the Lord has provided me nice and healthy.

1. Even the ladies who have on-the-go jobs still need a place to sit and organize their lives. Why not make work, academia, or even casual reading into an “active-rest”? This means you don’t have to be actively working out at a gym, but even at rest, your body can still be working some key muscles including the muscles in your core and back. What better way to do this than to sit? That’s right ladies, gather up around $12 and run to the nearest Walmart or Target and get a fitness ball; they come in various colors and sizes. Sitting on a fitness ball, you can not only can improve your posture, but you can also still work at the same time.  They also double as actual workout balls for when you have the time for sit ups, pushups, and glut-lifts.

Here is a link of a full-body workout you can do with a fitness ball if you decide to pursue that!

2. My second change proposition includes different social options for my friends that involve physical activity. Following Micaela’s challenge to not go out if it involves money, why not challenge yourself to see friends only while doing a physical activity? This could mean a variety of different things whether it is power walking around the mall or a local park, or attending a free community yoga class together. You can even have a quality phone chat while taking a stroll.

These two ideas are not meant to give you a 6-pack in 6 days or help you to run a marathon. They will, however,  give you the confidence and help to provide a healthy distraction from becoming too idle and to fight off the ever-present monster of hunger.

Something I will suggest for the girls trying to lose some weight or tone up a bit is this: write it down.  If you are a list keeper, put your goals directly under your devotions/quiet time with the Lord. Yes ladies, your health is that important. If you’re not a list keeper, write yourself a sticky note and stick it somewhere where you will see it, letting it becomes an ever-present reminder of what you need to do.  Working out jump-starts your metabolism, releases endorphins, and gives you the energy to rock your mission field!

I would never suggest working out for any reason other than personal growth and goals; however, I believe it is so so important to take care of the only body God gave us! I am totally with you ladies on this journey, and it is at the top of my prayer list this year to get focused! I would be more than happy to help you rock your mission field, and you – yes you – are in my prayers.

Stay focused!



Image via: @annahowardstudios, #belovedlife

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