Eating Clean [living healthy]


My story about my relationship with food is not very different from a lot of girls. I spent nearly two decades strengthening bad eating habits, literally feeding an addiction, and fascinated with the culinary culture.  A physical and mental war occurred daily within me and my exhausting attempts to get skinny left me discouraged without fail. My joints ached, my back was continuously sore and my body was desperate for a nap every afternoon.

After my husband and I watched a food documentary about nutrition I was enthralled with the idea that food could be used to heal your body, cure illness and prevent disease. I spent 18 months researching whole body health, talking to people that were actually living it and making super subtle changes like eating less fast food and incorporating vegetable based dishes in dinners. I know 18 months sounds like a long time before doing something more significant but I was reading articles that were debunking the American myths about health and I was reversing inaccurate information programmed in my mind. I learned the addictive nature of processed foods and the healing power of WHOLE FOODS, that is, foods that are real ingredients in their natural state. It was such a relief that I didn’t have to exist on boiled chicken and steamed broccoli, but I could thrive off of food much more exciting. There’s only one rule when you choose to eat clean: be attentive to your body. You have to listen to hunger signs and learn how to respond to cravings. Other than that, it’s limitless what your meals look like. When you choose food that comes from the earth instead of food that comes from a package, you’re making a positive change.

Detoxing is a great way to kick start your journey to nutrition or rejuvenates your system if you’re already pursuing health. Detoxes are anywhere between 3 and 10 day (or longer!) and assist your body in removing toxins that build up from the typical western diet. Toxins make it hard for your body to function optimally. The body actually creates fat to build up around toxins as a defense to buffer your cells from them. Look for detoxes that are based on eating and drinking alkaline vegetables and always steer clear from detoxes that promotes starvation or weird unnatural concoctions.   There are a lot of good resources out there and two of my favorite ones to reference are “Food Matters” and “Hunger for Change”.

Eating clean has been a fulfilling change and I’ve never been so content with my body, not because I’m at my health destination but because I trust the process of true nutrition. Since I added clean foods into my diet my life has literally changed. My joint pain is gone, my back pain has subsided, I have more energy to be productive, and my body has released pounds of fat that were inhibiting me. Best of all, my mind isn’t consumed any longer with bogus diets. I’ve been released from the obsession of weight loss and addictive foods and in love with healing my body with true nutrition.

– Sagen

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