Dreamers of dreams


A year ago I realized a calling that was solely inspired by The Lord.


I had a vision + purpose that He directly placed into my heart, and that I could not stop dreaming or thinking about.
At the time I was somewhere between lonely and searching for more to do with my life outside of being a momma and stay-at-home wife.
I began to search through social media for a place that combined being a woman + living for Christ. I only became disappointed; I was only finding fashion blogs or straight ministries. I didn’t feel there was a humble place, a community, where women could embrace all the pretty things of being a lady, but also be able to grow in Christ by sharing their unique stories.
It wasn’t even two days later when God called me to start The Simply Beloved. He gave me the vision, and supplied me with a wonderful friend, Hannah Arick, to help me make it happen.
What started off as just an Instagram account quickly grew into a presence in each social media outlet (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and blog). 5 months later, we established a dotcom that gracefully captures who we are and what we are about.
In just a year we have grown into a team of over 25 amazing people who are contributing their work solely on a volunteer basis. We’ve also recently begun the process of filing for non- profit status! Praise The Lord!
What began as a tug on my heart for our generation of women is now my every day.  It’s become my living, loving and beautiful purpose. It’s not always easy, there are many nights when I am dragging myself into bed and asking God to provide me with the strength to help lead + direct this vision according to what He wants. But it’s way more than I could ever dream, it is a purpose. It’s one that has brought my life so much foundation, hope and joy. I consider myself a really lucky lady to be surrounded by such beautiful dreamers who have hearts for enriching the lives of other women.

Purpose is the most important thing that we can discover in life.

Each one looks differently, but they all contain the power to sustain your years on this world with steady passion and importance. Finding purpose is like finding a well of water- vital for our bodies and spirits so that we never run dry.
So, what is it that beats deep down in your soul, beauty?

What tugs on your heart & won’t let go?

Remember, that we are the dreamers of dreams. We are fully equipped and able because of our God, to chase after our wild dreams and run free with them. I pray that you may not be filled with doubt or fear but be filled with confidence + faith!

You’re made for something that is bigger than yourself, & you’re capable of achieving it!

Thank you for being a part of this journey with us. Thank you for the support and love. Our hope continues that as we grow, you do too- personally, spiritually, emotionally + physically.
Now, let’s celebrate, beloveds, and continue to spread our love like glitter!

Founder of The Simply Beloved-


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