DIY Herb Garden

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Self-sustenance: The ability to continue in a healthy state without outside assistance.

There is a growing popularity in living a self-sustained lifestyle, and I think that is awesome. Being good stewards of God’s gifts can be hard in a culture where conveniences are so readily available, like clean, running water; super markets; restaurants; clothing stores; etc. With everything we need so easily accessible, it’s difficult to remember our own capabilities.

My husband and I are always trying to take steps towards a more self-sustained lifestyle because, LET’S FACE IT, we are poor (Shout out to all my poor people!). With all the financial burdens we have no control over, we have fun saving in areas where we can “do it ourselves”.

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I love this month’s project of an indoor herb garden! There are plenty of herbs you can grow that do quite well indoors, such as soft leafy herbs like mint, cilantro, and parsley. Keep them in a sunny windowsill, kitchen table, or even a bright countertop. I love that an herb garden not only promotes cooking at home but also inspires getting creative with meals. Plus it’s a super cute addition to liven up the kitchen!

In searching for a container, I wanted functionality as well as downright cuteness. I found this letter organizer in the office section at target and loved that it would give my indoor garden a tiered look. I painted “grow” on it because, well, I couldn’t help myself. I also think it would be cute with washi tape accents, studded embellishments, or just left as is. There are endless possibilities – make it fit your style! Then I simply transferred the herbs into the container and it was a done deal.

Try this project out and show us how you’re living a more self-sustained lifestyle! Eat happy and live healthy, beloveds!


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