DIY: Beach Spa Day

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It’s June friends, we squeal in delight as our schedules slowly open up and watch the sun tocontinue to shine a little longer each day. Scanning Pinterest and countless blogs that promiseto have the best remedies to get you summer ready can be slightly overwhelming at this point.So instead of loading your shopping carts with the latest life changing beauty finds andsearching the stores for that one exotic oil that will give your hair that ultimate shine. Why nottreat yourself to an all natural spa day at the beach? I’m all for being in the outdoors enjoying God’s creation and studies prove that Vitamin D can help prevent many diseases, depression,and people are simply not getting enough of it. Sold! Nonetheless, in the name of researchhere’s some relaxing remedies for the perfect beach spa day!


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Get that Beach Wave naturally: It’s no secret that sea salt does wonders for our hair. Saltwater is compared to a natural shampoo, it rids your hair of unnecessary oils and evensremoves dandruff! To avoid extremely dry hair moisturize with any oil treatment, I swear by Moroccan oil, yet I’ve heard coconut oil is the best! When I swam in the Mediterranean once my hair was the softest, shiniest, and prettiest it has ever looked! I actually ditched the shower that night to really let the salt condition my hair. I felt like a mermaid!

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Sand exfoliator: If you make it to the shoreline without burning your feet off; first cool off by dipping them in the ocean and then take a scoop of wet sand and slowly massage your wet skin in circular motions. Then take a dip in the ocean to rinse off! It rids of dead skin cells allowing your skin to breathe more and softer to touch! Also, to avoid your pores feeling like they’re on fire, refrain from shaving right before heading to the beach.


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Clear skin baby: Although I have factually pale white skin, I always leave the beach with an enlightening sun kissed glow. The combination of swimming in the sea and laying out on the sun kills bacteria cells that could create blemishes. Getting your vitamin D naturally from the sun is ‘A’ okay as long as you use sun protection (SPF 30 is the highest recommended). After a swim in the ocean, just simply lay out and let the sun do its thing.

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Sweat it out: Sweating may seem gross, yet it’s absolutely good for you! Spending a quality amount of time in the sun causes you to perspire, therefore raising your level of circulation and your metabolism. Sweating also releases unwanted toxins to cool you off creating a natural detox!

Bring back the childhood memories: Here’s a fun one, bury yourself in the sand! This increases your body’s overall resistance and also raises your circulation and metabolism. This gives your body the impression that you weigh that much more, resulting in an increased heart rate, and your metabolism.

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Peace of Mind: One of the absolutely best things to do is to unwind on your towel at the beach, plug in your headphones, and jam to your favorite beats. Yet for the ultimate spa day, let me encourage you to simply be still. Listen to the crashing waves, and let the wave patterns soothe your soul. Put your phone out of sight and admire the intricate details of the Divine Creator around you. Take a moment to consider the things God has done for you, and maybe even take the opportunity to enter into a time of prayer with Him. Let His creation reveal Himself to you, and may you feel revived physically and spiritually!

Okay, so here’s your excuse to eventually head to the beach this summer!


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