Date Night


Thank God it’s Friday. It’s finally the weekend, and we are free to do whatever we wish. For most couples, it’s date night, and everyone else seems to be on some grand adventure that’s blowing up your Instagram feed. Yet again, my phone glares back to me with no messages. Surely, someone has to think of me this weekend! I haven’t seen so many people in weeks! Frantically, I start checking all social media outlets hoping someone has invited me or reached out to me about something.

What’s a girl to do? Everyone seems to be busy with jam-packed schedules except for…me. Honestly, it can be exhausting trying to even track people down and finding a way for them to squeeze in a little time for you. Naturally, I am getting frustrated with everyone. Don’t people know how to prioritize their time? Can’t they at least try to put a little more effort into this relationship? My conclusion was that everyone in my community was simply living chaotic lives with no control whatsoever.

Okay, that’s obviously a very wrong and misjudged conclusion. An older and wise friend of mine patiently listened to my frustrations, and said that this was truly a normal season for someone in their young twenties. People fill their schedules with too many responsibilities and don’t know how to manage their time or resources. She gave me the good news that I can use this extra time to my advantage to dig deeper into the Word of God and fall in love with Jesus. Honestly, my heart groaned in disappointment at first – this was not what I wanted to hear at all. I wanted people to be available to hangout with! Then I realized this is exactly what I needed. There was a time I was studying God’s Word and passionately falling in love with it. I was getting a deeper understanding of God, and there was always something new to learn about Him. I use to be excited to go home and study my Bible, and God was calling me back to that precious time with Him.

Now, when I have a spare night. I’ll grab my Bible, Ipad, and some study tools, and go to a coffee shop or go to my room and shut the door. Then I study my Bible and give that time to the Lord. I had been doing my daily devotions in the morning and spent time in prayer, yet this personal study time is still vitally important to our Christian walk. We need to know the Bible because we’ve read and studied it ourselves, not because someone told us to believe it. We need to be growing in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

When you open your Bible it suddenly becomes just you and Jesus. In a dating relationship, you go on dates to grow in your knowledge of each other and spend time together. If you didn’t, the relationship wouldn’t work. The same goes for your relationship with Jesus. Sometimes it needs to be just you and Him.

I am falling more in love with Jesus because He is writing my love story. He is planning my future wedding. The Bible say we live by faith and not by sight. I believe living out our faith is spending time with Jesus and trusting everything else to Him. I know there are lots of different ways out there to find a date – numerous social media outlets and friends eager to set you up with their friend. But when I am sitting alone, listening to the words of Scripture through a podcast, or simply reading it myself, I realize a much bigger thing than my own selfish needs. There’s a God who created my soul, who formed me in my mother’s womb, and who knows me by name. He purposed a plan for my life way before I responded to His invitation to eternal life. Jesus is where I find my worth – not a weekend full of plans and tons of people to see. Sometimes, I do find myself busy with these things. but I strive to make my time with Jesus a priority.

Recently, I went to a going away party for a friend named Emma. Her friends and family flooded in all evening to come support her and spend time with her. Later in the evening, a few people grabbed some guitars and started strumming worship music. At Emma’s request, we entered a time of worship and prayer in adoration of our King. She set aside time for Jesus that night – Jesus, the reason she was leaving for Italy, the One she wanted to glorify that night, rather than herself. We prayed for her, entrusting her to the Lord’s hands, and everyone left feeling blessed. That night was well spent with good friends and family. Yet, most importantly, Jesus was welcomed and made a priority that night.

Make time for Jesus in every area of your life. He will be there for you when it appears everyone else has forgotten you, and you’ll never regret it.


Picture by: @olivianowtash #belovedlife

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