Dare to Wear {Sequins}


Now ladies, I know what you’re thinking… “Sequins? Seriously?” Yes. Seriously. Here’s the good news gals, sequins don’t have to be a New-Years-Eve-only get up! You don’t need a special occasion or a certain season for sequins. I don’t know about you, but as soon as winter hits, it’s like sequin overload in every store you walk into…so much so that you can barely stand them once the season is over, right? But let’s be honest, we all love a little sparkle now and then. So here are a couple tips on how to shimmer, ladies.

Tip 1: Keep the sequins under control

What I mean by “under control” is simply don’t go overboard. You really don’t need sequin shoes, pants, a top and a purse, do you? I know we all like to sparkle but we also don’t want to blind anyone walking down the street. The eyes don’t have anywhere to go if you’re wearing that much of the same thing. The eyes are naturally drawn to statement pieces. So instead of going head to toe in all sequins, pair up a sequin skirt with a plain blouse or a sequin top with a pair of jeans. Keeping it simple and chic will go a lot better than looking like a disco ball, I promise!


Tip 2: Try out some color

Sequins are great for color. Whether it’s a dress, top or bottom, you can easily get away with a bold sequin. And trust me; it looks great when you wear it right! However, let me repeat: don’t try every color! A multicolored sequined extravaganza might be great for a costume or maybe piece of jewelry, but otherwise, keep it down to one, two, or three colors.


Tip 3: Know the difference: day wear vs. evening wear

Here’s the tricky part, ladies… Your sequin outfit is most definitely constricted to a certain time of day.

Example 1: a sequin top and some skinny jeans = DAY WEAR.

Example 2: a tight, sequin dress and black pumps: EVENING WEAR.

See the difference? Make sure your sequins are staying in the right time of day. This is crucial!

Sequins are fabulous. They can be subtle, a statement, or just a great touch of sparkle…and we love some sparkle!

Shine on, beloveds!

-Love, Madison

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