5 golden ways to go CHOPPED.

1. This is just your standard deep part, side swept hairdo. Literally, all you do is part your hair as far to the left or right as your wish, mess it up a tad, and apply copious amounts of hairspray. I use BED HEAD’s Masterpiece to get the job done.
2. Another favorite, I am seeing all over these days, is the half up top knot bun. It seems to be getting all kinds of attention with its top knot bun look, but, oh hey look let’s leave a little hair down just for fun! I do a messy part (not perfectly straight) and put the hair remaining in a bun, and then take out little pieces of hair just to give it some dimension.
3. One of my favorites is the low-twist grandma bun. You guys, I am all about that bun life… for real. This one you just make a low bun, and for me, I have layered hair so I take the layers that naturally fall out and twist them. Now, I don’t twist them ON top of my hair but rather, IN my hair. This way you don’t see where the twist starts or ends. A little mystery mane.
4. The one hair do I rock on the daily is the middle part. Now, my hair is naturally wavy so I don’t hassle too much with hot tools (#blesed). However, there are some days where I want to make it look like I intentionally waved or curled my hair. I just grab a thin straightener or the wand and lightly do some fast, wavy curls. I purposely don’t apply too much pressure so that the waves stay loose and flowey. As you can tell, I like easy and not very high maintenance hairdos, up-dos, down-dos, what have you!
5. Lastly, I just went for it. I ditched the ombré and went crazy dark for summer and a smidge shorter. There are so many hairstyles out there it’s seriously so hard to not want to try them all. So, I encourage you, ladies, try something different. Be bold and beautiful. No hairstyle, lipstick, body, or hat will ever define who you are. It can be an accent to who you are….but you were created for a purpose and you are fearfully and wonderfully made by the most precious of hands.

– Karissa

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