Beloved New Year


Beloved one,
I’m not sure what life currently feels like for you — whether you were happy with 2014 or glad it’s come to an end. Whichever it might be, I bring to you a piece of encouragement. One that I pray gives you a refreshing hope for the beginning of this new year.

I’m a full believer that change is one of the greatest gifts God has given us. Change is the chance — the chance to believe again, hope again, dream again, love again, live again. Change is the antidote for life. Life as we know, isn’t always perfect. It can be quite tough, actually. It can knock you down, pick you up, then maybe knock you back down ten times harder. There is underlying beauty to it, though. After all, there is always something to be gained and learned. But no matter how good things can be going, our circumstances can change in an instant. That’s terrifying, but it’s real and it’s life.
The truth is, life will let you down, but God will not. People will break your heart, but God will heal it. Our finanaces can get sucked down the drain, but God offers a wealth that cannot be liquidated. We fail, fall, disappoint, but God will brush it off and say, “let’s try again”.

Here’s what I encourage you all with for 2015, friends: Pursue God. We all know that in order to make a change, we must take a chance. Let us take our chance with Him, the Person who can be fully trusted, the One who created not only you but this whole world. Build your year on something and someone that isn’t subject to change — One who ensures sustainability and is the same today as He was yesterday. This will be your greatest step towards a better year, one with limitless amounts of beautiful change. Your grace will extend, your heart will unfold. The human being that comes from engaging with God is a much better, stable, loving, and accepting human.

You have everything to gain on this chance and nothing to lose. A love and joy will be planted in your heart that no matter what this year brings, cannot be taken from you. It’s a chance of a lifetime — this life and the one beyond it.

Take your chance on Jesus. You won’t be disappointed, I promise.

Here’s to a new year, a new beginning, a new us. Here’s to change.

Love to you my friends,

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    YES. Just yes. Man, I needed this tonight.

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