Beloved Beats


Hello, my ladies! Looks like it’s my turn to drop some sick beats your way! These are just the few songs that have gotten me in my soul and send me dancing like crazy, singing at the top of my lungs, or simply just crying….but like a good cry. I’m just sayin’ that there are a whole lot of thumbs-upping going on in the iPhone if you catch my drift!

  1. Believe: Mumford and Sons
  2. Wonder (Live) [ Spontaneous]: Bethel Music
  3. I Know: Kings Kaleidoscope
  4. Holy (Wedding Day): The City Harmonic
  5. Oh God: Citizens & Saints
  6. Touch the Sky: Hillsong United
  7. For the Cross: Bethel Music
  8. Blank Space/Style: Louisa Wendorff (feat. Devin Dawson)
  9. Resolution: Matt Corby
  10. Meltdown: Lorde
  11. Forever: Ben Harper
  12. Little Wanderer: Death Cab for Cutie
  13. Hey Now: Matt and Kim
  14. You Can’t Stop Me: Andy Mineo
  15. Love at the End: John Mark McMillian

It’s pretty eclectic. Hope I made your ears happy!


Image via: @jasminevaca #belovedlife

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