Flash Tattoos


Flash tattoos: No, these aren’t your 90’s-preteen-50-cent-machine, temporary tattoos. Flash tattoos are a growing trend among ladies looking to adorn their bodies without making any permanent decisions. These metallic designs can be displayed as a cross between body art and a statement piece of jewelry. Not to mention, they can be an absolutely gorgeous complement towards any skin tone.

Now let’s talk how to wear them. I love this trend because it can be tailored to each individual’s style and taste. Go bold with stacked arm bands or a chest piece… Be subtle with tiny embellishments along your fingers or ears. You can even wear them as nail art (apply with a damp cloth as you normally would over completely dry polish, peel excess tattoo off skin, add top coat, and you’re done. Genius, right?)! Accessorize with them at the beach, rock them at a festival, show them off at girls night, or place it to accent your favorite backless dress during wedding season… They’re literally THAT versatile.

 I’ve gathered some of my favorite ways to wear flash tattoos to spark some inspiration.

 I’m sure you can purchase them at various boutiques near you, but you can also visit flashtat.com, glotatts.com, or search “metallic tattoos” on etsy.com (tons of etsy shops carry a variety of designs) Show us how you flash tattoo. Be bold, be you. Let your light shine beloved!


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