A Routine of Grace


Lately I’ve been struggling with prioritizing – my time, finances, words, energy, and relationships. I told myself a month a go, “it’s just a phase of uncertainty”. But really, it’s just straight up laziness. I make lists of things I need to get done, or hope to do, and I am able to check one or two of those things off. I’ve found myself in the moments of my free time, spending it selfishly, asking myself what I want, need, and have to do to survive yet another week of life.

Truthfully this is the way it is when the days fall together (no pun intended). In my heart I know that with the right attitude and mindset, I can conquer mountains. But, I also know that my attitude, day, and weekly routines need to start in the Word. Less of me, more of Christ. I’ve been challenged by this struggle, so I wanted to share of few of my favorite ways to step outside of the mundane, and seek to know and be in the Light. I am so thankful for a Savior who has created all seasons of our life with intentional purpose. He is creating a new vision for me and my free time. I hope a few of these little things encourage you in your daily routines.

All scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work. 2 Timothy 3:16–17

  • I’ve started a prayer board (it’s just a simple dry erase board that I have on my refrigerator). This is a constant reminder during my day (or at the end of a work day), to make note of the little things God has revealed to me. Sometimes I’ll write names of people I overhear talking, and I’ll write down their complaint or their struggle for the day, and I am reminded to commit myself to praying over it. I’ve written down scripture that the Lord has placed on my heart, or a few lyrics from a worship song, or sometimes I’ll write down the things I am fearful of and ask for courage in exchange. This has been one of the biggest gifts, and I have had so many prayers answered and people contacting me because of the prayers answered.
  • I try to start my day with worship. Fifteen minutes  in the Word can transform my heart and outlook on my day. Sometimes, I look for scriptures on Pinterest. It’s choosing to pursue these things that allow me to feel the presence of the Lord. In whatever resource you choose, choose to be in the Light.
  • I have been so encouraged by the words of Elizabeth Elliott, John Piper, and Beth Moore. Elizabeth Elliott’s To keep a Quiet Heart is a book I have spent time meditating over. It’s raw, real, and transparent about spiritual life and the journey we as women are faced with. I also loved Beth Moore’s study book, Esther: It’s tough being a Woman. John Piper’s podcasts are some of the most convicting, enlightening, and passion filled segments I have ever heard.
  • Meeting for coffee. Meet a good friend, your husband, your sister, your mother, or your grandmother. Often times, my initiating a gathering has encouraged my spirit more than I ever thought possible. Christ uses the moments of gathering as a time of inspiration, encouragement, and rejuvenation when we meet with like-minded souls.

I am by no means saying that I do these things every single day, but I do try to incorporate these routines into my week. Because when we choose to be in the Light, we become the light. We become a glitter form of love – reflecting the true Light, and we share our joy, even when we are struggling.

So lovelies, I pray you choose to see, be, and feel the Light this week.



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    My sweet friend this is beautiful. xo

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