90’s Chick Style Guide


Four Fashion Reruns from the 90’s:

1. Mom Jeans


The left photo is from the 90’s; the right photo is from 2014. Mom jeans, some might say, were cool once and lets face it they’re cool again! Light wash to medium wash, we are seeing high-waist denim everywhere nowadays!

2. The Denim Vest


Here we see Jennifer Anniston circa 1990 in “Friends” wearing a denim vest and then we see the beautiful Julianne Hough, today, wearing a similar piece.

3. Overalls


I don’t know about you but…I think Alexa Chung wore it better.

4. Grunge


Here we have the grunge goddess Drew Barrymore in the 90’s and today’s grunge gal, Kylie Jenner.

These are just a few examples of the trends making a comeback this year. From flares to platforms, fashion trends always seem to make a second appearance. I can’t tell you how many times I’ll come home with a shopping bag and my mom will look at the clothes and say, “These are back in?! I should’ve saved those!” It’s funny how the “in” styles are just improved versions of closets from the decade before.
According to Style Flair“The real reason these fashion trends always return is that designers look to the past and see what worked, and what didn’t. Much like music today, you rarely get an original; we sample someone else for the background and add our own twist. Tweak it, update it, and younger generations think you’ve reinvented the wheel. It’s nearly impossible to think of something that has absolutely never been done before in any shape or form. Designers have to look for inspiration from somewhere, and what better place to look than the attic?”
So unpack pack those graphic tees and worn out Converse from your “old clothes” box because 90’s fashion is back with a vengeance. Its not the first time we’ve seen the much loved looks we see today ladies! So, let’s bring out our vintage and show that the 90’s are back and better than before.


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